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A look into the trucking industry and chance to enter our weekly drawing

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MadGaines Message to Viewers:

Bring the beer! We need to unite today. The bottom feeders are brewing up a storm again. We need to show the industry that we don't play these games. Unreasonably high quotes for basic dry van FTL Lies about maintenance issues and illness because higher priced shipments were found. Relationships forgotten. Shippers suddenly remembering they have contracts.


TowZone Asks, how can the Towing Industry Benefit from understanding the trucking industry. Is it even important for the Towing Industry to understand the Trucking Industry?


Oh, be warned or advised this video is over two hours long so those who would like to view it may find that like me running it in the background instead of the TV or Radio Works. Also, is this something that members would like to do at some point. While we have kicked it around and procrastinated we are going to put in the effort to make it happen. If you're interested leave a reply below. Hint: That Reply will get you an an additional entry in the weekly drawings which start back next week with 10 T-Shirts being drawn along with an additional prize. Didn't jump in the Roll Call here's another hidden opportunity.



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That was brutal Ron. I listened to this background noise while I worked on other writing projects.  I focused on tow industry conversation if it was relevant and relating it to a non-Covid environment. From most of this narrative, there’s a comparison from the trucking/hauling industry to that of auto club or insurance companies. When they tell you, “This is the best rate and it’s the best we’re going to give you”, are you willing to do more for less? There’s an, “Us against them”, mentality where they’re dictating what they’re willing to pay BECAUSE, there’s always someone in the background to fill in instead of you because they need to earn a living, OR, they're willing to cut all rates to get the work.


I personally don’t think this podcast discussed anything different than the current status of what rates are being offered. I find it moronic to work with or do business with some fool like #ThaGuv who flippantly tells me, “Fuck Off … take it or leave it.” If that’s the attitude, I’m all for letting some other company be abused. Toward the middle of the cast, the question was raised, “How much does it cost for you to run your truck?” There was talk of cost analysis, but, there was mention that many of the respondents didn’t have an accurate dollar amount as to what their operational costs were. Accordingly, if towers don’t know what their operational costs are, how can they even think of working for less money or lower rates?


My conclusion to the cast was this; "Here's the going rate we're willing to pay ... take it or leave it or we'll find someone else to do it cheaper."    The overall bulk of their conversation wasn’t anything new aside from their grabassed, non-professional presentation. I believe the towing and recovery industry has far more important issues that exist on a day-to-day basis Covid or not. I also think this industry is far more complicated than the trucking industry because of our operation and administration processes.     R

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Randall C. Resch

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You hit the nail square on the head Mr.Resch... Not ONE of those people on that podcast was able to give a definetive answer as to their operating costs... If you dont know your real operating costs and not some roundabout guesstimate then you have NO place at the table to be discussing rates..


I can tell you for fact that deciphering operating costs in O.T.R trucking as compared to our industry is completely different and way more complex for us giving the Broader spectrum of services we provide and situations we end up in. Been there, Done that..  It has been a while (about 3 months ) since I sat down and did the math but at one point I had it figured down to the mile what it cost me to run my truck down the road. Fuel, Insurance, Maintenance, My salary, Truck Payments ,Garage keepers, D.O.T., I.F.T.A, H.U.T., The whole works.. It came out to about $2.25 a mile.


No matter if I am going for a slice of pizza or running a call.. High idle time came in about $ 3.45 pr hour. if memory serves right( wrecks, recoveries etc..) So how is it people can run around at $3.00 a loaded mile or $40 to perform winching for these auto clubs?? AND give them 5 or so free miles at times to boot?? ( Don't get me started on the whole "free" miles crap ) I have always said, if HALF of the bozo's out there actually knew their REAL operating costs, most of the motor clubs would cease to exist...


Sadly, as long as there are guys out there that THINK they are lighting the world on fire running for these clubs at their slave labor rates, nothing will ever change with them.. They get blinded by the "Juicy" checks they get every month..


OK, lets see,..So you ran 65-70 calls all over gods green earth say, for arguments sake, Agero last month and you got a $4,000 - $5,000 check from them.. Sit down, do the math and break it ALL down... I guarantee you would be mortified at how little money you actually made per call, per mile or however you break it down..  Volume does NOT equal profit.. Phones ringing off the hook, Trucks are rolling everywhere.. Are you REALLY making money? or is it poorly thought out rates and auto club smoke and mirrors??

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Thanks Ron this made for some good background noise. While that's a about what it is... many will get a look into what the Load Brokers along with a few logistics and driver folks mixed in are thinking. I've seen MadGaines before, it's meant to be laid back and social. Comes off as being a bad dance party with a DJ and no music. Ends up looking uncomfortable and somewhat unprofessional. You can tell by the manner the professionals interact as though OK this is the place but I really don't feel comfortable here.


Randall, #ThaGov is J.D. Redmon with The Towing Network down here in Texas. I don't know how to take him, he comes off as arrogant. Does he represent the best of TTN I don't as I don't know him aside from his online personality which often comes off as being unprofessional. I notice he has taken TTN off of his online profile only showing as Vice President of Marketing. Was that at the request of TTN or is he representing other organizations.


Grumps, Motor Clubs would be a fair comparison to the folks in this ZOOM video. Not sure how such a video with professional towers and motor club reps would play out, but I would like to see TowForce put that together. Who the DJ is it a He or a She? Anyone got nominations? Oh... I'm sorta burnt out on the Tow Podcasts, they have lost me! As unprofessional as this was, it was as slow and boring as I have found those to be. Maybe it's just me and I should try it again in the background. I am glad they added video, the option too watch is good. Seems the participation in this industry is just low anymore and with no shows the rest of the year it's a bummer. Come On 2021, "Vote Trump 2020" for God and Guns! I know Ron tries to keep this in another forum, but I had to add that... Have a great week every one, our volume was at 95% of normal last week. Hoping for even better numbers this week, the American Public in general doesn't embrace socialism well. We enjoy our Freedoms and will even die for them.



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Today on LinkedIn J.D. Redmon has announced he has officially transitioned away from TTN Fleet Solutions. This leaves one to wonder the reason behind the departure or change since he has been quite vocal on a number of subjects on social media. Regardless it is regretful if any of those subjects or interactions lead to the departure or transition. Seems it came following what several stated was a less than professional appearance in this video.


Ron, do you think you should remove it? I am nearly positive there are those at TTN that watch these forums.

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