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  1. Crown Reef Resort & Waterpark Convention Center 2913 Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Tow Show Registration - http://www.towersretreat.org/tow-show-online-registration.html 2 Day Fire-Tow-Rescue Cross Training Course http://www.towersretreat.org/fire-tow-rescue-cross-training.html We have rooms reserved at several hotels with prices to fit every budget! http://www.towersretreat.org/ocean-front-hotel-resort-options.html Show and Shine Beauty Contest Registration http://www.towersretreat.org/shine---shine-beauty-contest-registration.html For further information please call (910) 747-9000 or email: info@americantowingandrecoveryinstitute.org
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