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  1. Well we tried something new this year, we had a local girl scout troop to judge the beauty contest. We choose to do that for many reasons, and the biggest is because we, as an industry need to work on our public relations. I would like to thank troop 2103 for coming out to help. All and all it was great, and thank you to everyone who understood that things ran late because we tried something new.
  2. I would like to thank the Towing & Recovery Association of South Carolina for the Lifetime honorary membership they gave me this evening. It is very humbling and a great honor!
  3. I would like to thank Bill Byers and his crew along with the Michigan Towing Association for helping to put together two great continuing education classes...
  4. Crown Reef Resort & Waterpark Convention Center 2913 Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Tow Show Registration - http://www.towersretreat.org/tow-show-online-registration.html 2 Day Fire-Tow-Rescue Cross Training Course http://www.towersretreat.org/fire-tow-rescue-cross-training.html We have rooms reserved at several hotels with prices to fit every budget! http://www.towersretreat.org/ocean-front-hotel-resort-options.html Show and Shine Beauty Contest Registration http://www.towersretreat.org/shine---shine-beauty-contest-registration.html For further information please call (910) 747-9000 or email: info@americantowingandrecoveryinstitute.org
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