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  1. Always liked that truck from when it was first posted on here. There are a couple of videos on You Tube including one above. The crowd love it to. Kansas Badlands , Stricklands have a Facebook page to.
  2. Sowerbys sold off their Heavy towing operation to Mansells a few years ago. Sowerbys still exist but are much smaller. The then manager at the time I think your referring to has his own towing business.
  3. Good to see you here Steve .
  4. My Condolences to you Steve , Bob and all of your family.
  5. localtowee

    Yard Crane

    For twenty years I owned a Ww2 Chevrolet Blitz which was used as a yard crane on the farm. We lifted engines, Weed Spraying equipment and much more. The Blitz was cranky to start had no brakes and became a one man could drive vehicle. With help from some mates we mounted the crane on a Toyota Dyna which anyone can drive and it stops to. Yes the Dyna is smaller but this is really a engine lifter. We have a counterbalance planned for the front. Chev Blitz was to hard to use on farm . The Dyna ticks many boxes. We have since fitted a aluminium tray over rear wheels. The boom came from a F350 Tow truck it has been set up to lower to chassis level so to back into shed. Like many I have several winches laying around a couple of which will end up on Dyna. It is a ongoing project. The Chevrolet Blitz I have swapped with a friend for a International Butterbox Acco with a Hydraulic Crane on it. We both will exchange trucks soon.
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  7. Heard a bang lots of tyre noise. Looked outside rang Police . I didn't even get truck into second gear going to this one. Easy recovery walked around top of it hooked bridle to car. Walked under and put hook back on bridle before pulling back on to wheels.
  8. I went to this a few years ago. Toyota Hilux heading along a country road sees a friend coming toward him the other way and waves. A big buck Kangaroo Jumps out misses the other car but lands through windscreen of Hilux. Driver of Hilux left road went up Embankment above road coming to rest with Kangaroo filling up three Quarters of Front seat. Driver went to hospital in shock. The driver of other car saw Roo clear his Bonnet of car before landing on Hilux.
  9. Well hello so Santa brought you a new board with more buttons.
  10. Curious ? Neither are from Australia.
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