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  1. I filmed this last week when I was out for a bicycle ride. It's by the TA truck stop on I80 in Sparks NV. Details in the video description.
  2. Except for color blind people, red is very dark color. Blue is much brighter as is amber. Sent from my SM-T377V using Tapatalk
  3. Nice, always liked cabovers Sent from my SM-T377V using Tapatalk
  4. Anywhere use warning lights other than Amber that are not part of a government, police, fire etc? Also which states allow clear to the rear? I know California doesn't. Sent from my SM-T377V using Tapatalk
  5. I notice more new rollbacks seem to have the pylon mounted to the frame between the cab and bed instead of on the bed itself. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each? It does keep the lightbar level if it's on the frame. Which do you all prefer and why. Also steel vs aluminum beds. Is it basically a weight savings vs durability trade off. I get the rust belt issues so aluminum is beneficial there. Thanks.
  6. The fact that nothing is preventing the cable from slipping off under load is scary. Snatch blocks fully enclose the cable. I know NFPA and I think military require any pulling/winching anchor points to be fully enclosed, not an open hook etc. That cable could do some serious damage if it comes loose... Sent from my SM-T377V using Tapatalk
  7. I'm no professional tower, but this video looks like it should be a training concerto of what "not" to do. What y'all think? Sent from my SM-T377V using Tapatalk
  8. What is it that you don't trust about them? It would not be hard to make a set in steel with the traditional 2X2 square tubing at a 45 degree offset behind the wheel. Sent from my SM-T377V using Tapatalk
  9. Fixed the cracked L-arm using TIG and 5356 filler
  10. Thanks, yeah I plan to put that on it. Not sure if NV will let me register it as an RV, but I know I can be exempt from the commercial weight fee. Just sent the ECM out to be repaired (hopefully). At least it's at the dealer's lot and not mine so I have room to work on my old boat project for a couple weeks.
  11. Googled Orcas island, very pretty, will have to visit it sometime. Makes sense why you need a compact truck.
  12. Why don't they use bigger wheels? Weight issue?
  13. Unimogs have air pressurized axles for deep water. I'm guessing a lot of military vehicles do that as well
  14. Was browsing rollbacks on Youtube and came across this, definitely a great example of parenting done right!
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