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Re: A Letter saying, " We're Here to Serve"


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Yeah ... you could say that I'm one of those letter writing fools. I reviewed the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers List sent out by the federal government and state governments. You may have seen it? I spent much of this morning drafting a letter to send forward to the goverment in the same manner Bill Giorgis commented. My writing the letter is one of those, "too much time thingys".      Link:  https://covid19.ca.gov/img/EssentialCriticalInfrastructureWorkers.pdf


Other than Bill Giorgis, and not knowing that any person or state tow association has taken time to respondto the list, and, because not every tow company is responding to calls, I don't want the motoring public and auto club providers to think that this is a blanket letter that all calls in all locations will be honored under all conditions. My letter doesn't whine that we we're left out ... but, serves as our willingness to serve, however, there are restrictions to our response.


In my narrative, I mentioned a list of best practices to suggest that if a customer has to call for a tow truck, here are ten considerations ...  

  • Consider parking in a safe location, return home and arrange towing at a later time
  • If at home, consider arranging for a time-call during daylight hours
  • or, Contact your auto club, motor club, insurance provider (app or phone)
  • Remove personals and items of value
  • Arrange to leave keys with the vehicle (in a hidden or designated location)
  • Make arrangements with the auto shop or repair center to accept deliver of vehicle
  • Make arrangements to pay by credit card over the phone
  • Make other arrangements of transportation (Uber, Lyft, taxi, bus, etc.)    
  • Call 911 only if a bonifide emergency exists, or
  • If the vehicle becomes disabled on the highway, pull as far to the shoulder’s edge (away from traffic) as possible, and call 911

Do you guys really care if we're on the list or should a letter be sent out?  While I don't really need anyone's permission to send out a letter, it does include the towing and recovery industry in-support of those tow companies still willing to serve under smart criteria. The letter is poised and ready to send, yet I'd like to hear your ideas as to the value or (otherwise) insignifficance of sending a letter? Note: Any letter I send will go out under the heading, "Randall Resch Training", not under title representing my affiliations to industry publications as I don't have their permission.  Comments?     R.

Randall C. Resch

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As of now, ( It seems to change every 10 minutes ) NY state has auto repair facilities  ( they have towing and transport listed under that category ) as essential business and are to remain open. All the shops i deal with are running skeleton crews. It feels as though we already have been shut down. There is just NO work out there. No body is going anywhere or doing anything around here. Dont get me wrong, I wholly understand It is a nessesary evil to get this virus to run its course. But I would be lying if I said I wasnt afraid for my business. 

I think your letter is a great Idea Mr. Resch and I hope the right people get to read it... Good luck to you Sir. 


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