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Video About OSHA's COVID-19 Guide

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It's not enough that we work in dangerous environment, now comes along seemingly unstoppable, deadly virus that's creating havoc and fright to mankind. With that in-mind, I personally believe OSHA’s message is so important that I’ve initiated a segment in my training courses, NOT to help push panic, but to make towers better informed as to what they can do for their own protection. Owners need to be informed and react accordingly as this virus may ultimately affect your company’s day to day staffing. Everyone, please take time to review it. 

Link: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3990.pdf


And no, I’m NOT a medical health professional, but, what that means to me as a small business owner is, if an employee is sick; let them be sick at home to prevent a single (sick) employee spreading their illness company wide. Or, if you’re that small, one-or-two truck owner, you may have to close-down while you seek medical attention for yourself. Accordingly, COVID-19 isn’t something one turn’s their back on and a smart decision is one that seeks medical attention.  


As for the workplace, I'll pass the word suggesting 60-percent alcohol based hand sanitizers are kept within the tow facility and in tow trucks and carriers. Tow operators and facility employees are encouraged to aggressively and completely wash and sanitize their hands regularly while trying to not touch your eyes, face, nose, and mouth (good luck on that one).


For towers, there’s nothing wrong with wiping the seats and steering wheel of tow trucks on a routine basis; dispatchers, the same with keyboards and office desks. Note: Not to be disrespectful or demeaning towards towers, but hand-washing is nothing new; it’s something towers don’t always do even when there’s no posing threat.


In any case, if you feel you’re coming down with something, don’t hesitate to take immediate action. At the very least, call your local emergency room to speak to a medical professional while heeding their advice. And, if that calls for, “self-isolation”, err’ to the safe side of caution and do what’s being told to you OK? Note: If you go to the hospital to get checked out, remember that the lobby there will include a whole bunch of sick people. Personally, that’s a chance I’m not willing to take.


For myself, even recently, I got a flu shot and immediately came down with flu-like illness that took a week to depart. Here’s hoping that you don’t come down with anything, but if you do, I hope you have the God given sense to take the important measures to care for yourself.        R.

Randall C. Resch

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"I got a flu shot and immediately came down with flu-like illness that took a week to depart."


I have never taken a Flu Shot because nearly everyone I know that takes the Flu Shot general get sick anyway.


Now, with that said when a Flu Shot specifically designed and formulated for this Virus. I will take it just as I do a tetanus shot regularly, every tow operator should get this shot. That may be a question that should be asked as one would wonder if this important shot may be neglected these days.

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Note to Ron ... you're a young man. I'm pushing 70 and it's recommended advice to help build my immune system. While I don't like the idea of sittin' in a doctor's chair and being injected with some kind of bad chicken-juice, I'm hoping that my system will be much stronger for the future. It was explained to me that the Senior Flu Shot was said to be four-times as potent comparable to the regular flu shot. And you're right ... a tetanus shot is a no-brainer consideration based on the type of work we do.       R.

Randall C. Resch

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