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Tow Truck Driver Warns Of Highway Dangers


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Tow Truck Driver Warns Of Highway Dangers (MA)



A tow truck driver is reminding motorists to move over after two troopers were injured in separate crashes. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

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Let this video serve as a reminder that tower's who stand, walk, and work on the white-line side are walking a proverbial tight-rope. I'm sorry, but I believe this as another video showing tow operators and a highway patrol officer putting themselves in harm's way. 


The motoring public clearly demonstrates their driving inability to slow-down and move-over, while the tow industry has recorded literally hundreds of instances of tower's killed because tower's were working on the white-line just like depicted in this video. I believe and teach that the entire process of carrier hook-up can be worked from the non-traffic side and worry about a complete four-point tie-down at a wider spot on the shoulder or away and off the first ramp.


Fact: Current vehicle code laws requiring four-point tie-down put tow operator's in harm's way. Current law NEEDS to be changed. Accordingly, every state's tow association should lobby to change vehicle code laws with wording that serves the best interests of towers working the highways. At best, I see the entire video as a great segment on what NOT to do. I really dislike seeing these. Yes, these kind of videos are evidence of a gigantic problem, but to me, this one clearly shows that tower's aren't smart enough to react to obvious lesson's learned.        R.

Randall C. Resch

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You are Correct Randy, I fear that one of these videos/news stories is going to end in tragedy. While both the cameraman and driver are focused on creating the video. They are working in the danger zone, Get Away from the Traffic as quickly as possible. As for working the other side, while the danger maybe decreased it is still present and there have been instances where the was shoved into the operator.

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