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Even Rescuers need Rescuing


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Topic Originally Created by an unknown member in September of 2007:


Got called out to respond Key West, Fl to lift and transport a U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter that had to land at Key West Navel base while in route to its normal search and rescue missions out at sea, the craft experienced a bad oil leak from it's transmission when it was forced to land, We responded with my 60 ton rotator and 60 ton detach trailer, the U.S. Coast Guard deployed a team of aviation mechanics and engineers to disassemble the craft for transport they also rig the unit for the lift. We had to travel about 150 miles to get there but only took an hour to complete the job. Our lowboy driver had to spend the night because the government would no issue a special permit to transport the craft at night, Go Figure!


















Wade200 said:

Nice job, that's funny you would think they could give you a "pass" considering who it was for.

I would have done the same with them rigging it, either they do it or I wouldn't want the job. Could you imagine dropping one of those and it being your fault?




brostow13 said:

Just curious ,why do you need a special permit ?you don't appear to be too wide or too long,are you too tall ?Other than maybe being too tall that is an anytime of the day load here .Again just curious ,other than that cool job and great pics, thanks .


John Fenshaw said:

great pics nice job. how long did it take yall to get to the keys? what route did yall take to get there. i know i rode my bike there once before for a mini vacation and it seemed like the speed limit was 35mph. thanks for those pics stay safe.


Brett Holcome said:

Have moved the Broward Sheriffs Office Helicopter several times to Opa Locka Airport
Hookup - 0.00
Total =0.00
Its great practice


wstowing11 said:

I will cut straight to it . Do you still get nervous lifting such valuable pieces of equipment , or is it just normal everyday nothing to worry about stuff ?

I know for the few helicopters we have lifted , I am truly nervous on the controls because I know in the end I am the one on the wrecker controls and they will look at the operator when something might go wrong, no matter who did what, why , or whatever . I still never feel comfortable with the size shackle they attach to the top of the motor for the lift. It sometimes will fit in your palm.

I commend you guys on the successful lifts with extremely valuable equipment on your hooks !


Brett Holcome said:

every time we move one we always have plenty of experts on scene 4 to 5 chiefs & 1 wrecker operator that stands by till all the chiefs decide whose way is the best::: so we just stand by wait @ 0.00 per hour/3hr min. ha ha


Santiam01 said:

My son & I built one of those, out of legos. His was only 29.95 I would have lifted that one no problem! Seriously, nice work. Are you going to Chucks class a Baltimore on aircraft recovery?




Towjoe19 said:

Nice job and great pics! As an Ex-Coastie I especially appreciated this post. Us boat guys emoticonmate.gif used to call that model helo (HH-65) whistling sh#t cans. "Whistling" because of the distinct noise the enclosed tail rotor makes, and "sh#t can" because they like to fall out of the sky.... emoticonthud.gif
Thanks for sharing and be safe out there!



Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." - Auguste Rodin

Joey Hardrolls @ Hilario's



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I transported 6 of those for the Coast Guard when I worked for Kauff's. I did one from Boca Chica N A S to Opa Locka Air Base. The pilot hit a hanger & took 4 feet off the end of each prop. Spent 6 hours at Boca Chica while they took it apart, filmed & took pictures of every step. I didn't stop at the scale & moved it after dark. It was on their trailer & I had them escorting me. I'll have to find the pictures & post them. I almost got my camera confiscated for taking pictures.

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