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  1. I've been on vacation. Am I too late? If I'm not too late, I'm an XL.
  2. I transported 6 of those for the Coast Guard when I worked for Kauff's. I did one from Boca Chica N A S to Opa Locka Air Base. The pilot hit a hanger & took 4 feet off the end of each prop. Spent 6 hours at Boca Chica while they took it apart, filmed & took pictures of every step. I didn't stop at the scale & moved it after dark. It was on their trailer & I had them escorting me. I'll have to find the pictures & post them. I almost got my camera confiscated for taking pictures.
  3. Towed a yellow septic tank pump truck last week. The guy had "The Stool Bus" painted on the back. 😂😂😂 P.S. In wear an XL T-shirt. 😉
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