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12-22-17: MrsHook Wrote,

I received notice of a chargeback yesterday. Allegation was that we fraudulently charged the card for unauthorized services. 

Black Sun Express, Homestead, Florida, 305-989-8313.

That number googles to a company called GAG Auto Transport Recovery, but they id'ed themselves to me as Black Sun Express. Company "owner" called for the tow "Geovanni", driver was Michael. 06 Freightliner. I've got signatures for authorization, cv code matched, etc .... But i don't want one of you to make a mistake and get taken by these guys.


mooresbp said:

Always someone out to get something for nothing.


Jacksonsautoandwrecker said:

thanks !!


Melville said:

make sure you contact your credit card processor and dispute this, with all of the info you got they should un-chargeback it.


ncsteveh said:

Also look into having your terminal setup as a debit card processor w/pin. I had that done with mine and that solved a lot of headaches for me, people were happy in the office because we took cards and i was happy because pin based transactions are not disputable.


MrsHook said:

I appreciate your concern. I fought the dispute and I'm in good shape.  This was an over-the-phone credit card, but my operator got an electronic signature from their driver captured on the invoice, all the verification codes were present and correct, towbooks documented all the times (dispatch, service provided, completed time) and these times corresponded with my cc terminal's transaction time, my operator captured photos of the truck which were linked to the invoice, i gathered all info from the credit card (beyond what is mandated by my processor), and everything (signature, photos, last 4 of cc along with verifying info ... Everything!) was captured on towbooks and emailed to the customer with the time and date of the email corresponding with the above times.  I am inconvenienced by having money stolen from my account for a few weeks, but overall I'm in good shape.

This is only our second chargeback ever. I've learned a lot ... This time I had everything gathered and sent in under 10 minutes (thank you Towbooks!) but this kind of thing really really pisses me off! You guys work too hard out there to have some lowlife steal from you.


Ed Johnson said:

I like that you took pictures. For years I have encouraged tow drivers to take pictures primarily to prove the physical condition of a car before and after towing but you added a new concept, proof of the job. A signature by the driver was good also. Thanks 


MrsHook said:

I lost.  In the end, the burden was on me to prove that the person providing the card was authorized to do so.  It was a business card.  Business name on the card matched the business name on the truck.  And all security info was correct.  But the individual name he offered as his own was not a name the bank had listed as an authorized person.  There is NO way for us to verify that the person we are talking to is someone authorized to sign for a business card.  None. They told me there is no way for me to win a fraud dispute in this situation.  Read that last sentence again ... And let that sink in.

 If you're towing tractor trailers then you know how common it is for someone at the company to provide payment by credit card (a lot of drivers are employees, or they have expenses deducted from their pay).  You also know how many times someone with a thick accent chooses a name to go by which is simple to understand and spell...like bob or jose...rather than their legal name.  Or hearing them and understanding them well enough to correctly spell their legal name is nearly impossible.  And how do we know if anyone is giving us a legit name?  I never thought it mattered, as long as the business name matched the truck. I was wrong.

Supposedly it's different if the card is swiped ... But I'm not convinced ... Unless the business card also has an individual's name on it ... And you check a driver's license and take a photo (with permission).

No more over-the-phone credit cards for me.  This is going to be a pita ... I'll take cash.  Or I'll take your truck until you can get cash.  I'm not going to win any popularity contests.


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Eagleone said:


We had the same thing happened but... our driver waited 4 hours 100 miles away from home for payment. Got a card over the phone and a signature from owners brother who was driving truck. they disputed, we countered then we were credited, then they disputed again then countered again. We were eventually paid but lost $150 in fees for the charge backs

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And you check a driver's license and take a photo (with permission).


You can use the phone number on back of card that person on phone is using and get authorization from a real person, 99% of time there wont be chargeback.35yrs no chargebacks 1 almost got by me ,but credit card company had to pay because they authorized every piece of information.Miss the old days imprint card call in authorizaton done.

Kevin's American Towing Service
Ph: 631-654-8811

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