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Bluetooth Headsets


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First is is not a topic about Team Headsets. This discussion is about bluetooth headsets that are used for extended periods. You listen to your music on them and answer your phone.


The common Trucking Industry Type Headset work well for Truckers. But, are Tow Truck Operators Truckers. Not really the Tow Truck operator needs to be able to hear sounds, the ability to hear sounds in both ears and even talk on the phone at the same time is crucial.


Check these out,



About 6 months ago Kat Killer got me the AfterShock Trekz by Titanium.


I have to say for me they are great. Do all headsets work for everyone, of course not. However these are not an in the ear type headset so you find yourself wearing them more. But, be warned they look kinda cyborg. I'll take that over the Trucker Image any day.


Do they work in a high noise environment. I do not have experience in an industrial setting. I do know, Roadside they work very well. That's Trekz by Titanium. The come in several colors, I have the slate gray as pictured above.

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To be honest I am giving serious thought to doing a video challenge as to what we carry. It would be much like the one Trent at Plaza Towing did a few weeks back. That video can be found in the "As Seen on Youtube" forum. I know that mine is likely to draw some comments as I have nearly doubled what I regularly carry over the past few months. Got tired of going to the truck every time I needed something. LOL This Trekz Headset works at a distance of at least an average of 40 feet from the source. So, I can leave the phone in the truck walk away and still be connected. It makes a noise out of distance and I just walk back in range. Generally I tell whoever is on the other end their going to loose me for a minute and I'll be back. When I step back in range their still there. Most of these headsets are like this however a few are not. Make sure the one you purchase stays on, does anyone have one that cuts off. I had a Jawbone ear piece that would turn off out of range.


What is everyone currently using and add a picture if you can...

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