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Gale25yrs "good bad and ugly eh" (from 2006)


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Got these pictures and had to share them. You would have to be a good operator to safely move this.Keep in mind

it is still only a 6500 pound or so truck. But the center of gravity is seriously different than your average haul.


Pretty impressive but kinda ugly when you see it next to a 13'6" or taller Swift trailer.


Now for the bad part. How many tie downs do you see and at what extreme angles are they.



Now I have no idea what tow company this s or how far he was going. I imagine he got to his destination

without incident but the potential for things to go bad is pretty high in this situation


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We have several "towers" in our area that think the winch on the front and 1 chain on the back is adequate.

To quote Al Quiring, Buying A tow truck and calling yourself A tow truck operator is no different than buying A set of golf clubs and calling yourself Tiger Woods.

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How many tie downs do I see? 1. Left rear of the tow frame to the deck. How many chains would I use? 8: 2 from behind the tow front springs rear to the deck, 2 from in front of the tow rear springs to the deck, 2 at each end cross chained to help reduce sway. I'd rather over chain than under chain.



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Since the Topics and Member Data would not transfer I am going through the Old topics and bringing over the most relevant. Those with missing data/images are being removed and others are being archived to move at a later date. The schedule calls for closing the equipment listing and motor club forums this week. The entire old community should be only a few forums remaining by years end and then eventually deleted entirely. What sounded like a mess when we started has become a very clean way of starting a new community or a New Force in the Industry. At this time I can report that the membership is 60% old members and 40% new members. Those numbers will likely flip by years end. That's Fantastic Numbers, but we are a long ways from the 4500 to 5000 members on the old message board. We'll get there averaging 16 members a day joining TowForce. Our average is at about 18 now.

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