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  1. Alstow

    Roadside Protect

    We recieved a recruitment email from Roadside Protect, anyone deal with them or know who they are?
  2. I work alongside my drivers, so I understand the needs and wants when it comes to outfitting a truck. All my trucks are newer clean well maintained and stocked with anything we need more than twice. I also provide accident and disability insurance (its a hazardous job). From what I gather my guys make more than the average, they get a percentage and when its slow they can punch in and get paid hourly to clean and maintain the trucks. I pay for training (you can never be over trained) a new hire rides along for a week then has someone ride with them for a week before they go out on their own, after a year I have them take wreckmaster. Most importantly with the horrible hours this industry requires I try very hard to accommodate any time they need to attend family functions and their kids activities, i'm a strong believer of family comes first. My son and I work Thanksgiving and Christmas so they should never have to, nobody should ever expect an employee to work xmas or thanksgiving unless they are willing to work it too. I have built a reputation of professionalism that I and my employees are proud of, working at a place you can be proud of sure does help.
  3. But it's a motorhome, aren't they exempt from all the rules
  4. Until police start writing tickets it's never going to change, we have an individual in our area that uses 1 large j hook of his bridle then 1 large j hook on the back of vehicle and calls it good enough.
  5. Alstow

    2018 Motor Club Ranking

    1) AAA- large amount of volume quick accurate payment. 2) ALLSTATE- won't contract with us so we get a credit card and boy do they pay. 3) HONK- very low volume but very easy to work with and we set rates. 4) QUEST - very low volume good rates quick payment. 5) ROAD AMERICA- very low volume quick payment 6) GIECO- used to be great we did anything they asked because they were willing to pay to take care of customer. We have a new rep that cut our rates and never returns calls. 7) AGERO- when we first contracted with them we had a rep we could work with, since then it's a battle to get paid, battle to get rate increases, and a huge battle to get paid. 10) NSD- no longer contracted with them we had very little volume and they wanted cheaper rates than AAA. Noticing around here most towers that contract with motor clubs must be using them for fill in so when it gets busy (snows or gets really cold) our phone rings off the hook to go out of our area especially Agero. Gieco used to pay for all deadhead miles for any call outside our contracted area, now they want us to eat 15 miles and take a 33 percent rate cut. Guess you can tell we never go out of our area.
  6. Alstow

    Hino not using DEF

    none of my 3 hinos use hardly any def, my freightliner uses twice as much def as all my hinos combined
  7. We have several "towers" in our area that think the winch on the front and 1 chain on the back is adequate. To quote Al Quiring, Buying A tow truck and calling yourself A tow truck operator is no different than buying A set of golf clubs and calling yourself Tiger Woods.
  8. Alstow

    Bill's service, stamford ct

    Nice looking truck. Looking at having a 12 ton put on A 4x4 5500 dodge, any suggestions?