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Out of the Ashes ! Update ! 07-11-2012 """ Happy Day !!!"""


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Topic Originally Created by JustAnotherHooker in February of 2012:


So the alarm clock goes off and it's another day to be bright eyed and bushey tailed !!!!!
     Shower ,Toothpaste and  Coffee and head to the lot
      Pull into the lot and realize that I'll always rember this leap year !!!


  From what we can see now the cord to the block heater shorted and set things in motion.
    Thankful that a observant person at 3:00 AM called 911 and the Fire Dept. was speedy before things got worse.

  Well right now she  " Betty"  looks like she's done . She's a been a trooper and fulfilled the many tasks I asked of Her!!!

  So swap tools to one of our back up trucks and run calls while the boss set about looking for a replacement

  Seems like I was not the only one with bad luck today  !!!


                                                                    She's been a good  {556654 miles ) girl and will be missed emoticoncry.gif
                                                                                                       R.I.P .  1996-2012
                                                                                                                 Eric S.

svcmgrnow said:

Very sorry to hear about this when you called today. 556K+ towing miles, geeez........doesn't seem that long ago to me when she was brand new. Seeing as this was one of the few trucks Jim purchased new as a tow truck, my vote is to replace it with something brand new as well!! I hope your cloud has a silver lining!!


rantif3 said:

That is very rough indeed!!! Good luck in your search for a new truck....What are you guys looking for?


Heffy004 said:

Really sorry to read about your truck, Eric......nowyou can sit down & spec out the next one.
Catch ya & C'ya


JustAnotherHooker said:

Like a Phoenix  the wrecker body will rise up out of the ashes to please another one
  of our drivers. And the silver lining will make me and Paul Hubey happy !!!!

                                                                                                    Eric S.



 Well with some looking high and low and not wanting to deal with new emissions motors it took awhile
but he finally found me a good woman .  A Kitty, and a 20.000 # frt axle and 328 inch WB.


     Now come the Fun part, Buying her a dress and turning her bud light beer can blue !

 Like to thank the boss for bending some to my wishes, we had a line on a t-800 but he was partial to the pete.
    But i got what i wanted on my end! 9055 Trident boom,  XP , coach boom and rear tater legs,tunnel box and other things to make her work smooth!


  Now hopefully John and his great team will send me some more picts so you all can follow along on the build. This one was sent to me 8.30 Pm on Sunday.

                                                                                                           Guess John Hawkins and his team  have keys to the building  laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

                                                                                                                                            Eric S.

    Sorry jimmy but i was getting to much static
      to keep the mystery alive but you proved my point!

  P.S.S.  07-07-2012

        Said goodbye to a good old friend today , She's going to a good home that will nurse her back to health,
          and out off respect to the new owner's will not say where unless they say ok.. Have seen them around here once .


                                  Yes Jason !
                                The new girlfriend is here finally  , about time finally !!!!

              But, Like any new girlfriend , she will not let me take any picture's until she is ready !  emoticonnerves.gifemoticonnerves.gif
                   You know, got to be the right dress, Hair done just so, the right nail polish
                        and  which pair of shoe's to wear and no peeking until she's done    !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                     WOMEN    !!!!!!

                                            emoticonthud.gif                                                        Eric S.

   Finally  07-11-2012...............

  Well we caught Jason trying to sneak up the driveway in a gilly suit and a telephoto lens !!!!!

    I'd like to present to the internet..... Truck # 43.  


       Well can't wait to get her trimmed out in to work , a few things need to done to her, but had to post something for Jason !!!                 

                                                                                         """  He got his Gilly suit wet crawling around and had to be helped Up """"
                                                                                                                                        Eric S.

wreckmster said:

lookin good!!


WestEnd said:

Body transfer ???
West End Service Inc.
Ellicott City MD.
John Klein Jr.

JustAnotherHooker said:

Nope  ,the Vulcan body will stay set up for a tandem.

                                                                     Eric S.


Recovery Inc said:

id say it looks like things are working out for you, sometime I wish some of our old relics would go up

Chris Fontaine
Interstate Towing
General Manage/Heavy Wrecker Operator
WreckMaster #080843


wstowing11 said:

Either yourself or another one of your guys was at the shop that night ( morning ) telling me about the fire . You or he said it was happened right before you guys came to tow the Penske out the yard . Wow that seems like it was months ago ! That chassis right there is crying out for a nice 50 ton integrated of some sort !! Good luck with it , but that looks like it is all downhill from here !


jmtowing said:

Looks awesome best of luck with it



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