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OSHA Training - Industry Specific


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10-25-2017: MrsHook Wrote:

I'm interested in learning more about OSHA training folks/classes which would be industry-specific, advanced, and include rigging.  I'm not looking for 10 hr quickie course; nor am I looking for rigging-only.  I'm talking about a comprehensive real-deal opportunity.

I'd like to hear your trainer recommendations, reviews from those who have completed the training, etc.  Thanks in advance!


MR Insurance said:

You might want to check with your Workers Compensation Carrier, they may be able to help you or let you know of options in your area.

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If OSHA were to target this industry the herd will be drastically thinned. I worked at a body shop that was fined 10,000.00 due to lack of safety glasses, no shield on the grinder, and five razor blades on the floor, while a man was working prepping a car for paint.


One aspect of OSHA that most would fail immediately and receive a fine is for safety glasses, gloves, as well as earplugs. You as an owner are required to provide these for your employees as well as mandate their use. Anytime an employee is under a vehicle, they should be wearing eye protection. There is no exception. You should also be providing employees with PPE (personal protection equipment) such as disposable gloves when they are working a crash where there are body fluids present.

This is YOUR responsibility to provide this equipment. It is also YOUR responsibility to ensure that staff has been given training on the proper use of PPE.


It is also YOUR responsibility to have protocols for using tools, such as hammers, chisels, and pry bars. Broken tools, mushroomed chisels and punches should be thrown away, or ground down using a grinder. You should be providing your staff with training. Every employee should have a safety training file that has written activities with copies of the power point that demonstrate the proper use of PPE, tools, as well a safety protocols.


If a staff member is injured and OSHA knocks on your door and you have nothing to show for safety protocol documentation, you had better know how to flip burgers. Because you are going to have a bad day.

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