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A First Time For Everything....

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Had a "1st Time" the other night with a Natural Gas Transit bus....Well not the 1st time towing one cause I have towed a bunch of them over the years. But... well here's the story.


Got a call around 10:00 at night for a Transit bus that had a transmission failure and pumped all of the fluid out. Got on scene and was ecstatic to find that the driver parked in a huge Walmart parking lot but still chose to pull up to a curbed island. I figured I would see if it would move some on got in the bus to try & move it. They shut the power down so no luck...then I got up to go back out and got the shit scared out of me when a woman stood up in the bus! Here she was sitting in there in the dark, waiting to be taken back to one of the big resorts that she must work at.... I told her the bus was broken down but we had a language barrier and she kept asking me when we were going back to the resort... Took some time but finally she got that she was going to have to find an alternative way home. Finally she left but then returned with a cart because here she had all her stuff on the bus floor...






Nobody around to help if I wanted to pull the bus back to give some room so I had to block the entrance partially and "side shoot" it. Maybe I should of asked her to help since she wasn't afraid of sitting on the bus but then I would probably have to find her a way home...LoL  




Pulled the axles and then it was just business as usual. Good thing she stood up or I might of went down the road with her waiting for her stop!

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1 hour ago, Derlyn Z said:

Just curious why you pulled the axles on this one rather than pulling the shaft? 

They request us to pull the axle. Honestly I have a problem fitting under them to pull a drive shaft...it's pretty tight in there.

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