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New PA Salvor - Abandoned Vehicle Process Question

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I am a fairly new salvor in Pennsylvania and am processing my first 2 abandoned vehicles, currently I just received the "authorization for public auction" form MV-957.  Two questions I have that are not clear or even talked about from what I can find in the salvor manual are as follows,


1 - IF someone calls or shows up to the public auction for the vehicles, is the starting bid the cost of my towing and storage fees?


2 - If no one bids on the vehicle, so it does not sell at public auction, does the state issue a salvage title (one that cannot be registered without an enhanced inspection) or do they issue a branded title "previously abandoned" which does not have to go through the enhanced inspection process, does that title just go into the business name?


Appreciate the response, thanks

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Most guys in our area have like a $500 minimum bid price.  If you have a 2 grand tow and storage fee on a piece of crap, nobody would bid on it. I think most of the guys just try to get a few more bucks out of a car instead of taking it to the scrap yard.  I can't answer your 2nd question as I am not a salvor.


Check out our website at:  www.cjwagnerinc.com


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I know this is an old thread from back in February but,


1: The cost is whatever you are comfortable with.  If you wish to set a reserve on these vehicles you may, be aware though that most of the time these vehicles were abandoned for a reason and most likely not worth much.  We try to get more than scrap out of every vehicle we can but more often than not its about the same.


2: The titles will be a Certificate of Salvage and be branded Formerly Abandoned.  These can still be rebuilt via enhanced inspection.


Special note: these titles are transferable and I would advise you to transfer the title legally prior to releasing the vehicle to a buyer that has plans of repairing the vehicle.  Once its off the lot it's still considered your vehicle and will be seen as such legally.  A certificate of salvage does not require a notary when being sold to a salvage dealer.

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