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Towing Mystery's & The Unexplained...

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This one was a little odd... Got a call to jumpstart a 20 KW 680 tractor that parks in a lot up the street from ours. Pretty regular situation... My guy gets there and tries to jump it but there is no dash or cranking - all the lights are strong though. I told him that he was done then and to find out if the guy wanted it towed somewhere. The owner states he wanted it towed to a TA in New Jersey so we make the arrangements. Not where I would take it, (you go there to get a tire put on...not electrical diagnosis) but we were too busy to get in to it so that's where it will go...




Talking to the steering wheel holder and he says it's his 1st day on the job. Got sent to pick this truck up that has been sitting since the previous driver quit. Seemed odd to have a problem like this unless something was going on prior to it being parked but whatever? I take it 25 miles to Jersey and drop it in their shop...got paid...and head home. On the way home, I got thinking about a week or so ago, we were sitting in my shop one night and saw a car wrecker come in my yard on the cameras and drive around the building. He parks it in a hidden spot so I immediately head out there with an appropriate amount of hate, discontent & attitude to resolve the situation. Turns out it's a couple of guys repossessing a truck that they said is "pinging" here on my property. I show them the error in their ways and instill a little bit of the fear of God in to them and assure them that there isn't a 2020 Kenworth on my property. He tells me the address and I said it was the lot across the street maybe. They leave in a hurry and it's the last I see of them. Didn't think any more in to it.


So I Get a call yesterday morning to go back to pick the truck up and tow it back up here, to Kenworth of Scranton because the truck stop couldn't fix it. They did sell him 2 tires though so all wasn't lost for them. When I get there, their shop manager tells me that the wiring is all messed up at the back of the ignition switch and they recommended taking it to the dealer. Now it's coming together...LoL I bet those rocket scientists that were scouring around in the dark at my place, tried to "hot wire" this truck & take it? I'm sure they seen it on TV...all you got to do is rapidly touch the 2 wires together and they start up... So I go back to Jersey and pick it up right where I left it, and head to Kenworth...




I told the dealer there are 2 issues... One is the wiring is messed up at the ignition switch and two, a bank is looking for the truck so plan accordingly. So here's the question of the day...this guy has spent like $1500 with us plus whatever the dealer charges for the repairs, does he have recourse with the Bank's Agent that started this problem? I'd be pretty ticked off if it was my truck. I have to admit...I'm curious as to how all this ends.

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I say yes because if you go repossess a car and damage it you are responsible. Only thing is that being the guys trying to get it wasn't successful it would be hard to prove it was them unless they have some sort of proof.

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1 hour ago, Bushwacker said:

Only thing is that being the guys trying to get it wasn't successful it would be hard to prove it

I agree. The bank never got possession of it. It was more like vandalism... 

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