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Box Truck Off A Bridge, In The Water...

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This is one we did 2 weeks ago. Guy was driving back in the State Gamelands and went off the side of a wooden bridge...rolling over in the stream below...





Called our friends Milewski's to send a Tator as soon as we heard the situation. While we waited, we started to work on the environmental aspect of the situation...





It happened sometime in the night & Hunters found it in the 1st light...truck was cold & nobody around. Penske had it listed as stolen since it was supposed to be a 1 day rental...8 days ago...




Reinforcements!...Mike's son Nick came down to help us with the job. I was concerned that there were some large jagged rocks that would of sliced that truck to pieces if I drug it up the embankment...and we didn't need to add to the environmental issues at all. The truck was brand new as well, 1800 miles when it was rented.







A little tricky to get rigging under it but it worked out...





Then it was just up, up & away...






The County Emergency Management contacted their Contract Hazmat company to do the spill work so they will finish it up...






We brought equipment to handle the whole job but it is what it is...



Hooked it and back to the shop...





Towed it to Reading PA yesterday to their Body Shop.


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Ed why couldn't you get it with your big stick ? The bridge not hold you? I understand them bringing in their on hazmat.

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2 hours ago, Bushwacker said:

Ed why couldn't you get it with your big stick ? The bridge not hold you? I understand them bringing in their on hazmat.

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Well it was 2 factors, no way I'm reaching the center of gravity on that truck with mine. A 3 stage 50 ton might of done it for reach (mine is only 2 stage)...but then you would be driving ahead with a 17' box truck hanging at full extension. They informed us they did not want us setting on the bridge which I wouldn't have anyway. It was built from 2X8's stacked sideways which may be pretty strong?...But I wouldn't of trusted it. Certainly not setting the Rotator up on it, I'm sure that truck is around 68-70k for an 1150. Even with the length of the tator boom, it was short from the center line but it came closer as he lifted.

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