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Another Two Car

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The other evening we have this 2 car accident at a busy intersection. 








Loaded both of them from the rear, and had a little cleanup to do.

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Looks like a pretty good mess...nice work


I had a 2 car I had to do by myself on Saturday night which was fun...




I didn't get any pics on scene...busier then a 1 armed paper hanger...

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I'm usually always by myself so I hardly ever get pictures. When I'm having to wait for them to measure or other crash related things they do I try to get a picture or two if I have my phone in my pocket.

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Yea I often don't get any action pictures of me loading. Like at this crash once we went to loading it was all business, as we had our trucks in the middle of the intersection. I usually take them while we are waiting on clearance to load from the police officer, or are waiting on fire apparatus to move.

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It's Great to get pictures anytime you can for multiple reasons. How about five years ago my wife was with me and got a call from the police about 12am was a wreck when we got there I couldn't believe it but a car ran under a 20' reefer and how it didn't decapitate the driver I don't know but it turned his car into a convertible. To make a long story short my wife was the only person that took a couple pictures and months later the drivers lawyer called me and was asking me about the situation and I mentioned my wife took a couple pictures and he said what you have pictures. I told him I think so let me find out. I asked my wife did she still have the pictures she said yeah why I said I think his lawyer wants them. The lawyer called back I explained we have a few cell phone pictures that aren't very good he asked could I send them to him. I said no but you can come look at them in person and if they are any value to you make me a offer. Two weeks later I had a check for $25k. Yes $25000.00 the pictures she had were what he needed to show where the reefer was dropped in the roadway with no cones or reflectors. I don't know what the driver got but whe his lawyer paid me he claimed they were going to get two million. He had to be pretty confident to pay 25k of his money for evidence. After that happened hell I started to hire someone to ride with me and do nothing but film! Lol

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