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A Fallen Tower


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I have been working on another poem, well several to be exact. Though it's been in the works more than a couple of weeks, this one has certainly taken less time. The best just seem to come easier, though having others review it can make them worry. But, there are far too many remembering A Fallen Tower. Their Husband, Son, Father, Friend, etc.


So as you read keep in mind it is not my intention to upset or bring pain. I do these simply in honor of.


A Fallen Tower

A tow truck driver was killed today and I began to cry.

I had prayed this day, not another would tragically die.

Though I did not know him, I cared for him no less.

I surely could have been there, not here I guess.

As the reports came in, so did the pain of one more fallen.
Again, I pray not another tow operator would ever be taken.


Fear not wrecker driver for God will take you home.

Industry Legends, Angels in Heaven, you are not alone.

Now there is one more legend to be added to the wall.

You will always be remembered as A Fallen Tower to all.


       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Your Thoughts & Comments are much appreciated.

The wording has been changed a bit, as this has been a work in progress.

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I have received more negative comments from towers who seem to have lost Faith. They point out they are in Fact Atheist, though these are not members here they contacted me through FB Groups I have posted this new poem on.


So, I felt this Quote by Charles Krauthammer 1950-2018:


“Faith is something that one has or doesn't have; one doesn't construct it. The one thing I do believe is that of all the possible views of God, atheism is the least plausible. The idea that there's no meaning or purpose or origin--that the Universe is as it always was, is to me entirely implausible for reasons of physics, apart from faith. Because if you reason back to first causes, and if you’re an atheist, you get to a logical contradiction.”


Agree or Disagree Charles Krauthammer was a well spoken man of much reason who could at least make you think. If you have lost your Faith, the quote above will make you think. For those who testify on a daily basis, the above quote makes you think. If a man such as this can find logic that there has to be more to this life. Then you are a Believer and you have Hope.


The poem which started this topic is heartfelt and from the prospective of a long time tower. I get questioned on my time in a wrecker on a constant basis. many do not realize in addition to the numerous hours spent working on this community. The Only Active Message Board in the Towing & Recovery Industry, I am in a Tow Truck more than 50 hours a week. Now to some of you that run 60, 70, 80 hours or more a week that is nothing. However, combine that with another 30 to 40 hours a week maintaining and promoting the Towing Information Network. I will keep working on other poems and maybe one day I will be able to release them. As for quotes, I do not believe I have said anything that has made a significant difference in the industry. When I am gone, I did not do this to be thought of or known as one of the Legends of the Industry. I am simply fine with being a foot soldier for the Lord. There are plenty in the industry now that have the ability to do great things. I only ask that once you have done something, you start on something else. The Greatest didn't just do the one thing they are best know for, it is a combination of many attributes.


Once again, I'll be at the wall in September. Will you be there?

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I have not devoted time to making this poem better. Just not satisfied with it, any thought's as to what would make it better?

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