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Tow Truck Narrowly Missed Hitting Cyclist (AZ)

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From what I was told this cyclist just keeps putting this video up on YouTube over and over again. If that is the case then two wrongs do not make a right and this cyclist just needs to move on. Everyone that has seen it says the driver of the rollback was in the wrong. Even Arizona state law states you must be more than 3 feet when passing a cyclist. Obviously, the Mirror was certainly within that 3 foot and likely less than a foot from the guys head.

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That is the first I have seen of the video. I think it should be played over and over. Every new driver should be mandated to watch it. Every training program should incorporate it into their training. I have done some really stupid things In my time, would never, ever pass a cyclist that close. I would activate my emergency lights and slow to a crawl if I could not pass. If I was able to safely pass I would do so with said lights activated. As the situation played out, had that cyclist burped, sneezed, or farted it could have resulted in a fatality. Whether you like it or not, a cyclist is a legitimate vehicle. We are the professional driver, and as such are held to a higher standard. Or should I say we should act like a professional driver.  What would your insurance say if that had resulted in a fatality and that video came to light. If you want to be regarded as a professional, and treated as a professional, you have to take a stand on dumbshit, careless, conduct such as this. There is no excuse!


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