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Early on in the company I always heard my parents say when someone asked if they are hiring. The response was "We are always hiring" even if there wasn't a position open. We get so few asking the question anymore, one of the office staff told a person who walked in and asked if we were hiring. "No we are not hiring at this time". I spoke up "We are always hiring", here is a application.


I was told You need to keep a bench, far to many companies are seeking to fill positions when they turned away several applicants over a few month period. We don't start from scratch each time we have a position to fill. More and more employees are changing employment than ever. Also, we are starting to see more job seeker that have been out of the workforce for months if not a couple of years. Will they make a good employee or are they Lazy. I am going to say they became discouraged and need an opportunity. Why not put them through the interview process, if they are serious you'll know it.


We also considering putting our application on our website rather then filling out a paper. This is paper thing is sorta getting old these days. What are some alternatives to the old paper application your company is using and do you see many resumes? Those applying for a Mechanic position have a resume, Wrecker Drivers rarely do. When we get a Tow Truck Operator in the door they more than likely have a resume.

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I am currently 55 years old, will be 56 in April, God willing. I guess , I am a job hopper. If I am not happy I am not going to sit around and be miserable. I am not going to sit around and watch a movie that sucks either. I will get up and leave. I offer suggestions on things I see need improvement, including safety items. I am not trying to run your company. I see thing being where the rubber hits the road that you do not. I speak face to face with clients daily to them I am the face of your business. My record for hours worked in a 2 week pay period is 178.93 hours. I am not lazy. I work until the job is complete. I have no issue working nights, holidays, and weekends. This is a service business. I have stepped away from many a holiday meal to answer a call for service. Only to return and zap it in the microwave. I do have basic requirements though. I expect you to be responsive and accommodating to maintenance. I currently reminded management that the Made in China trailer tires on my car hauler trailer had close to 57,000 miles on them. His response was are you checking the air pressure on them. I have never received any formal training on the equipment I operate, never received any instruction on weight limits, never any training on what to do in case of an emergency. The only documented training that I received was to take an online defensive driver training for four wheelers. I would say the safety program is horrible, but there is no safety program. I am older, and really do not need anyone's blowing smoke up my ass, but it does not hurt if management or ownership tells employees that they are appreciative of their efforts and thank them once in a while. I make decent money. Not great money, just decent. I have a substantial resume. I have a BA degree as well as 2 AS degrees, one of which is I Automotive Technology specifically on Ford vehicles, I have a class A CDL, a clean driving record, can pass any drug test you want to throw at me at any time 24/7/365/366 on leap year. My home is paid for and I do not have to take crap from anyone. As I stated if I am not treated with at least a minimum amount of respect I will leave. I am not asking for an employer to kiss my ass to come to work. I am asking to be treated like a valued member of the team, not like a Made in China tool that is thrown in the trash. 

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