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CODE RED: July 27-31

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I run numbers in my head and the odds of a Tower be Struck in the next 5 days are extremely HIGH.


Please, Please, Please Be On High Alert. I know that many here have a heightened awareness of the dangers. However, I have encountered at least Tow Truck Drivers this week that have scared me to a point of being sick. Had I not taken the time to turn around and stop, adding extra lights. Well, I may have learned that they the odds of being struck were HIGH for one of them. Both were on the interstate in a very dangerous location on that white line. Each them of were attempting a change a tire and were having problems. Both vehicles could have been towed to a safer location. I am glad I was there and yes my odds of being struck in the Tow Truck are HIGH. I see it this way, I am in the Truck and they are not. I have RED & BLUES they Do Not. Now, I am not about to say the RED & BLUES make a difference, because in fact that difference is very small. Sometimes that is all it takes. Oh and neither tow truck driver was wearing PPI. So, when they crossed the white line into the roadway.


No One Saw Them... Not Even I.... Be Safe Out There. Preach SAFETY and May the TowForce be with you.

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Yes, Cuss Me if you want... Sadly, I ran the numbers and posted this on the 26th at 8:52pm. On the 27th at 12:05 am a Tow Truck Operator lost his life. Many after hearing of the death assumed the driver had been struck and killed. However, this death was a different hazard facing those in our industry. A Code Red does not discriminate, it means the odds are HIGH a Tower will be Killed. The manner of that Death can and will vary.


Now, I write this because the Threat Level continues and the possibility of another death looms. Preach Safety and be Safe out there throughout the weekend. May the TowForce be with you, cause you may just be the key to prevent another death.

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I just can not comprehend the attitude some people have towards safety. In the towing industry as well as as the construction industry. It is parallel to trying to explain what causes crime. There are so many factors. Ultimately it is the operator who is responsible for their safety. But how do you explain it when the operator refuses to wear a vest, refuses to take a few seconds to put out cones, refuses to take a minute to mentally prepare a job safety analysis, or JSA, which is a survey of the scene? It is not solely the operator though. Owners have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their employees. While many take safety serious, a higher majority do not. And what about motor clubs who are only interested in profits, and getting the member serviced at the cheapest rate. And what about the motoring public, manytimes who are the causation of the incident because they drive like a whore running from church, do not maintain their vehicles, and could care less about people they share the road with let alone the poor soul who has to pick up the pieces on the side of the road. 

States as in law enforcement need to start citing operators who do not wear PPE. OSHA needs to start becoming more aggressive towards the industry. Once a few owners get hit with 14,000.00 fines, maybe it will heighten everyone's awareness. Then that prevailing attitude of, "sucks to be you", will take on a whole new meaning.

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