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Car Goes Airborn Into Ravine.

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Received a call from Mass State Police to respond to Rte. 195 for a Ford Taurus that was traveling at a high rate of speed, hit the guardrail, went completely over the guardrail, and down a steep embankment.
The area where the accident was was on an elevated portion of the highway so the vehicle actually sailed into a deep ravine on the high speed side of the highway. State Police called and requested a rotator because they didn't want to tie up traffic, that area was also on a sharp curve on the roadway.
We responded with our 60 ton rotator, strapped the car, swung out, and lowered the vehicle onto one of our ramp trucks. The operator was transported to one of the local hospitals and as of this post, still in the hospital. Total on scene time approx. 15 minutes.




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tator envy said:
No Kidding, we never see car wrecks like that here, just normal old crashes. Good use of that tator, I like to see the not so normal jobs.
Mr Waialae Chevron said:
Robert, You have done such a good job handling whatever the Mass PD can throw at you, they must just automatically call whenever anything happens, no matter how crazy it sounds.

Totally awesome work on your part and congratulations for being a true professional at what you do.

BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Barney thanks for the nice complement,we have a decent size area we work an we just try to do all jobs as professional as possible. most of my crew are a product of Donny Cruse an we try to be a credit to his memory. thanks BOB
SlimSanta tubebronze.gif said:
Bob, is there any way of tying your strap forward, as they are always nose heavy?
Al Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD
BigWheelReovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Al actually it s a lot safer the way we are doing it, the strap is locked in an can t move also the car is much easier to control that way. When we set it on the ramp we let the nose touch first then swing the rear over,if you have a rotator you know it s harder to get both ends lined up at the same time.It s easier to control. just looks a little funny. thanks BOB
SlimSanta tubebronze.gifsaid:
Bob, thanks for the reply, that makes good sense.
Al Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD
FMS Mike said:
Great Work !! You make it look easy.

mooresbp tubegreen.gif said:
Awesome job Bob
George - Moore's BP
Ostroms said:
nice job, your company looks very professional and safe when on scene.
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