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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2007: 6-26-07 Received a call from one of our customers to respond to Metro Ford in Raynham for their CAT paver that the track came off and was particially in the roadway. Apparantly, the operator needed to turn around in order to make another pass so decided to use the roadway. We responded with our NRC rotator to lift the paver from the roadway and put it onto our Landoll trailer then hauled it to our Freetown location. We needed to use a cut off saw in order to free the bound up track. The next day, the customer came with
  2. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2007: 6-21-07 Received a call from one of our customer's that their Paystar 5000 tri-axle had broke the suspension on the left rear side on Old Fall River Road, and it was stuck in the road. This tri-axle had a full load of boulders inside of it. In Order to free up some of the pressure on the already damaged truck, we worked with the customer and unloaded all of the boulders into the bucket on our loader, then into our dump trailer. When the load was emptied, we backed up to the casua
  3. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2007: We used our rotator, loaders, and mini crane to get the parts in the trailers... whatever it takes NR8174 said: I know you've heard it before, but you guys run an impressive operation and set a good example for some of us. Ricardo @Ed Barker said: I agree Ricardo,,,Big Wheel sets a very good example for all of us to le
  4. 6-3-14 Received a call from MA State Police to respond immediately to the area of Rte. 140S between exits 8 & 7 for a serious commercial motor vehicle accident involving a loaded tractor trailer combination unit that wound up in the thickly-wooded area off the right shoulder of the roadway. Apparently, the unit lost control heading north on Rte. 140, travelled across both northbound lanes, ventured into the center grassy median, hurdled over the steel guide wire cable separating the two sides of the highway, travelled across both southbound lanes, and finally came to rest in the thickl
  5. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2012: 7-22-12 Received a call from a Cruise Ship company that was docked in New Bedford Harbor to assist them in lifting a couple of propellers. Apparently the propellers were being refurbished and needed to be placed on the deck of the Cruise Ship to be replaced in Virginia when they arrived at their destination. We responded with our mini tracked crane and lifted the propellers one at a time onto the deck of the cruise ship.
  6. 5-30-07 Day 1 Received a call from the owners of Capeway Express. That one of their loaded 53' refer trailers just came loose from their tractor and was hard down on the street, completely blocking the roadway. This call came into us while we were bringing a truck in that we had just pulled out of the cranberry bog in Carver and the scene was only down the street from the shop, so we were able to respond quickly. I notified Eric of the situation and it was just rolling up to the intersection , he could see that the road was blocked to his right. He dropped the unit that he was towing at o
  7. 5-26-07 Received a call from a local dairy that one of their refer trailers loaded with milk, the leg had broken through the asphalt and it was settling worse by the minute. They asked if we could respond immediately before the trailer goes completely over. It was Memorial Day, Eric and Dave responded with the 60 ton Century and rigged the trailer, lifted it, and then set one of the company's tractors underneath it in minutes. The owners of the company was quite releaved and everyone went on to enjoy the rest of the holiday. visit our new websit
  8. 8-11-06 Received a call from Mass State Police to respond to the ramp from Rte. 24S to 140S for a loaded box truck that rolled over and was damaged. They also stated that the truck was leaking fuel. We responded with two 60 ton rotators, one 35 ton wrecker, our hazmat rapid response trailer equipped with speedy dry and HD fuel transfer pump and four 60 gallon hazardous waste steel drums, and our 2005 Volvo HD Front-End Loader with quick disconnect attachments used in different phases of the recovery and as well as off loading when required. Upon our arrival, we discovered that it was a new
  9. 5-30-07 Received a call from the owners of a very large cranberry bog in Carver to respond to the same area we were last week for another truck mishap close to the same spot as the last one. They stated that it was a 100yd walking floor trailer loaded with compost weighing in at around 97,000 lbs. The trailer was down into the cranberry bog leaning very hard. They also stated that they felt that the trailer was about ready to go over and there was some concerns about oil that would get into the bog and ruin it. Knowing the weight we had to deal with, we sent 2 rotators, the NRC
  10. 5-18-07 Received a call from one of our customer's stating that one of their loaded tt-units was leaning. When we arrived on the scene, we discovered a 110yd trash trailer weighing in at around 105,000 lb leaning hard to the right side. Apparantly, the driver cut the corner way too short and was luckily held up by a pole, which was supported. This load was going to the top of the dump. We responded with our 60 ton rotator, picked up the back end of the trailer, and placed it onto the roadway below. Last edited by BigWheelRecovery
  11. 5-18-07 Received a call from one of our customes's to respond to their yard to lift a loaded 53' trailer. Apparently another trucking company was backing up to his dock and struck a free standing trailer and knocked it over against another companies trailer. We responded with our 60 ton rotating crane and one of our tractor's. We lifted the damaged trailer, cut away the broken landing gear the transported the 53' trailer to our shop to await the insurance adjuster. Joeniel said: Nice job, Big Wheel is set up for everything! That's the first
  12. 5-5-07 Received a call from Pavao Const. to respond to Somerset off of Rte. 103 for their Tri-axle dump with a load of loam that rolled over behind a customers swimming pool. The truck was leaking oil & hydraulic fluid. Our first truck that arrived discovered that the cradle that holds the base of the 40 ton dump piston broke and the piston was sent straight down between the frame & driveshafts. The body was off the chasis in the front section and partially raised. Our crew chief on scene requested 60 ton rotator to lift the truck and our NRC to lift the dump body up and roll the two
  13. 5-21-07 Received a call from AA Will company to send some Big Wreckers ASAP to a large cranberry bog in Carver Mass. They explained that their KW Tri-axle 80,000lb hooklift truck with a spider on the back had rolled over completely upside down off a dike that goes through a large cranberry bog. There was diesel, hydraulic oil, and motor oil pouring into the bog. We responded with (2) Rotators, One Century and one NRC. Our crew used pads and a boom to stop the flow of oil & fuel. A short time later Frank Corp. environmental arrived and set up their equipment to suck up the oil. Eric,
  14. 5-26-07 Received a call from Mass State Police to respond to Rte 24S, S of exit 10 in Freetown. They stated that they had a box truck that was right on top of the guardrail. The operator ran away, truck was locked up, they wasn't sure if there was a load in it or not. They also stated that they were concerned about the fuel tank, so we couldn't drag it off the guardrail, being as though it was in a environmental safety area. We responded with 2 rotators, chained the unit up, lifted it straight up off the guardrail, swung it right back over into the median without blocking the highway. The S
  15. 4-30-07 Received a call from Murphy's towing to respond immediately to Rte. 495N Exit Ramp #2 in Wareham to assist them in uprighting a loaded TT-unit that just rolled over. We responded with our 60 ton rotator and our 30 ton NRC. To work along with Murphy's dump trailer & loader, we also brought in our bobcat to help them load the product into their trailer. Then the State Police Truck Team weighed the unit. It was then towed to Murphy's Towing. LAMB Towing said: Looks like plenty of muscle on scene
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