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Lynn Lift Recreated


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unknown member posted this back in 2010:


Found an old picture of the Lynn Lift and decided to create one.  Well I did some beefing up and changed some things, a little bit left.  Hoping to be able to test on Monday.  Will post some pics of testing.  Should be a nice addition to the 750.



Air ride is nice so that the tow bar will drop right to the ground.  Makes hooking up easier.


No safety chains or lights, testing got cut short.  Had to drop unit to do 300 mile tow.  Tow was from the back so didn't get to use Ee  Zee  Lift. It does work very well and sure beats yanking some guys texas bumper off to tow it. As long as the bumper is 3" off the ground this will work. I have also been building some different risers spring shackle, spring, frame etc just to give some extra pick-up points.


timstruckservice said:

That Looks Really Good ! I would Like to get Measurements also & can't wait to see more of your Pics. .... Thanks ... TIM
talmon said:
is this welded on the tow bar or is chains rain thru the square tubing ?I think I see a set of chains thru the tubing ,just wondering how this would tow,It should be the same as a tow bar,or sling,I am glad some other peopel like fabricating,I enjoy making stuff when there is extra time to do it,I made a motorcycle carrier thing for the rollback,like a condor but alot heavier havent had a chance to use it since building it.take care
ARE the tubes flexing or are they welded at an angle???? looks cool
Scott said:
They did have a bit of a twist.  It was my first attempt hooking them up.  With the chains hooked over the axle then back there is no twist.  I haven't had any time to post more pics, sorry and I am still working on dimensions for those who requested it.  Been a lot more busy with winching than towing recently.  Take care all Scott
SWEET i would like to see some more pics also
Scott said:
Ok guys after a tow call today involving a Hydro truck I have decided after numerous attempts (all to embarassing to post) that the original Lynn Lift design was great for lighter trucks and I will try and show why.  The downward pressure on the steer axle causes a huge amount of strain on the springs and rear hangers.  If you look at pic #2 and #3 you can see the amount of downward pull on the springs and axle.  Pic #2 look at the gap between fender and top of tire, pic #3 look at the gap in the leaf spring.  Works great but amount of tension on spring makes me nervous.  Am going to keep this design but also going to mod it a bit so as to use frame instead of axle as anchor.  Thanks to everyone for their interest and requests for dimmensions, but as of yet not comfortable.  I WILL have updated pics of new design with test pics shortly, have already started the mod. 

Yes Talmon the chains run full length axle to tow bar. 

DMH the more wieght you load on it the more it twists..... strange but true.  On original I switched chains around and was fine.  But with hydro truck (boom, gear etc.) twist was worse no matter how I hooked.

Rescue120 the 1 ton - yeah perfect as I found out the weight is a problem.

The new and improved will be fool proof .....if design team is correct (being me) I love the enthusiam you guys give in seeing more,  will post new pics soon.  I am bound and determined to find a way to tow with the big dogs using the original tator.

Thanks for looking and cheers
auto rescue said:
Your up rights in picture #3 do not need to be that far forward they would tow located half way between the axle and the shackle. It appears that the drivers side shows a twist as you are all calling it because you are hooked over the top of the axle mount flange of the axle and I'm willing to bet that surface was not flat. In the hook up you show the arms should have been located on the axle end a little closer together so as they would have formed a V shape going back to the tow bar.

Also your missing a very important chain from the axle end of the arm to the upright  bracket which would prevent the upright tilting forward and most likely how you have them from falling flat against the bar and dropping out from under the truck under a hard breaking situation.

I used a Lynn Lift on some very heavy pulls in the past 165-200K+ units we have around here and my only real complaint was the weight of them and the time it took to hook them up but that was more than evened out by the cost factor of them and the limited amount of use they got in a year. If I could have stayed younger I would have used them longer.

As they say you get what you pay for and these were well worth the money paid for them.

I just noticed that your hook attachments are welded to the side of the square tube versus the center top position and I believe this is why your arms are twisting when you put a load on them as the inner chain puts all the load stress to to opposite side of the tube when you pick up where the original design put the load in the center of the tube right under the hook
unknown member said:
Great thoughts, thank-you for the input.  If the hooks were on top of the tube that would certainly allow chains to pull true instead of sideloading.  Very good point.  I thank-you for the advice it's nice to hear from someone who has actually used them and remembers the hook-up.

Looks like a little more modding and ready for another try.
Larry Lange said:
as far as all the downward pressure on the axle, could you just chain the axle to the frame like on a rear tow?
Scott said:
Larry; I am sure that would work fine. Am gonna try it again with some mods as previously mentioned. Hoping to post some more pics and we'll see how it goes. Here's to hoping!!
Thanks for the tips
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Cool to see something new...errr old school but new:).


Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island

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My god that was around so long ago.There was one in an old truck yard around here ,I couldnt remember what it was.Unfortunately it is now scrap headed to China.

Kevin's American Towing Service
Ph: 631-654-8811

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