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It's The Sudden Stop That Gets You


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We were called tonight by the NJSP for a single vehicle crash right around the corner from my house. As I was on my way there I got a text from my buddy who's a dispatcher. He heard his co worker call us and leave out a small detail.....



The car rear ended a tractor and trailer that was making a turn. Since I was so close I kept going to assess the situation and see what else I needed. The tt was fine, it just had a bent DOT bar so he pulled it into the parking lot out of my way. As I was doing a walk-around I noticed the engine and trans didn't seem to be held in my too much anymore. I called my dad for a bed and started to try to put the puzzle back together.




I put my boom on the motor to lift it up off the ground so I could pull the car into the parking lot and open the road. Apparently the drivetrain had other ideas and I ended up just pulling that into the parking lot and leaving the car 




When the car hit the motor dropped down and the car rested on top of it. When I pulled it up it never stopped until it was clear of the engine compartment. After we loaded the car on the bed I dropped the motor behind it. Then we started the hard part, the clean up. About twenty minutes, 2 bags of floor dry on top of the 15 or so the fire department already put down and 3 trash bags full of debris later we were clear. This was one of those jobs that doesn't look that bad at first and slowly builds into a pain in the ass.

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I get so many newer vehicles that are damage to the point the engine is dislodged. I hate calling a rollback for something I was always able to transport with a regular tow truck and dollies if needed. However, the risk of the engine falling out is not something I am willing to take when there is an alternative. Wow, the old guys would be furious to here me say this today. I assure you it is not something I uttered just a few years ago.

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