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What Tools Do Tow Operators Supply?

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Mechanics spend a lot of money on tools. Many trades do not require their people to purchase their own tools. However, the towing industry varies from company to company. While most companies supply the basics, many stop short of providing additional equipment. Often this equipment makes a Tow Operators Image more professional.


In this topic we are seeking a list of the equipment as a driver you are require to provide. As well as additional equipment you purchase on your own.


As an Owner what Equipment are Driver/Tow Operators required to provide. What are some of the additional Tools/Equipment your employees purchase on their own.

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Commenting as an owner.  I believe the company should provide everything needed to do the job. 


All trucks should have equipment to handle the work that you are dispatching to them.  Let them know that if there is something they need, to feel free to ask.  Making their job easier, or quicker to do will benefit the company in the end. 


Items such as lockout tools, jumper packs, uniforms, gloves, etc... should be provided.  If They would prefer to use their own, that is fine too.  Ask them what equipment works best for them, and why.  They might have something to teach you. 


Keep a record of what is replaced, when, and why for each truck/driver.  Reward drivers that take care of equipment, don't just complain about the ones that don't.  Good employees are getting hard to find lately, so try to be a good employer.    

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As an owner I supply everything. It’s not an operators place to buy tools or supplies. I furnish every truck the same so if a driver gets out of one truck for any reason he know where and what’s to find on the next truck. Rubber gloves, mechanics gloves, hi vis vest and rain gear, flashlight, ramps, jump box, guardian angel, cones, impact and sockets, tool set, floor jack, snatch block, synthetic winch extension, cell phone, two way radio, axle straps, skates, trailer hitch, hand sanitizer, wipes, phone charger cords, key tags, wheel straps and chains….. and the list goes on. If a driver comes up with anything he needs that will make his job easier or better all he has to do is ask and I will buy it fir him or send him to get it. All they should have to do is show up in a clean uniform ready to work. 

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Company I work for is only required to have cross wrenches to do tire changes.  They put battery impact guns in every truck to get us back in the truck faster.   Common impact sockets too but man they get lost so I bring my own 4 common ones just in case.  

Another one is Jumper cables is all that is required.  They put a battery jumper box in each truck.


Things I supply of my own.  These things are not required in our contract  as in if the person needs them they are SOL , we will tow them off but they are on thier own after that.   

So really I only provide them out of my own pride that I want to solve problems.


Tire plugs and tools    -    (Only used if no spare and a signed damage waiver)

Spare tire hoist tool set

Valve Stem Inserting tool - My route is a heavy RV trailer route get many rotted stems

Zip Ties-   Amazing how many peoples cars fall apart

Battery terminal Cleaning tools

And lately since it's been getting close to 100 degrees bottled water on ice.  Make my own ice.  I mastered the formula.


And since it required by our contract all Uniforms and Safety equipment including steel toe shoes are company provided .  Think we only get one pair of shoes a year though so you got to take care of them.  


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Steve W.

Los Angeles, CA

FSP Operator

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