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  1. Midnight Mitch

    Tower Struck on I-71 08-18-18 (KY) UPDATED

    I wish him a full recovery. I will pray for him, and his family.
  2. Midnight Mitch

    Re: Tow Operator Struck - San Diego County

    I hope he makes a full recovery. I will pray for him, and his family.
  3. Very sad to hear this. Happening too often nowdays. I will say a prayer for him, and his family.
  4. Midnight Mitch

    Midnight Mitch

    Hello all, I would like to know if someone can help me get back up to speed. I lost all my access to any forums on Tow411, and now I'm all "newbie" status here. I am still the same guy that has been on Tow411 for many years. If a moderator could help me get some access to some of the forums, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been really busy with the growing towing side of my business, and was only checking in once in a while. Now I feel like a stranger in an unfamiliar city. Is Tow411 dead, is this the replacement. Pleaaaase help me get back up to speed. My email is mitchlopina@sbcglobal.net Phone # (209) 303-0748 Thank You in advance.