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Just to warm some of y'all up!

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Topic is Recreated in Memory of Brothersandson from December of 2007:


Sunny and 76.low humidity.no wind.typical So Florida Christmas.lol
OK.I'm gonna try this again, I know its hypocritical to comment on other guys posts, without putting up some of our work, so I'm gonna take a shot.with a warning to all......the last few times I have posted any jobs on here, my customers were approached within days of the post......by members on here, who do post, and those who don't. I will say this and I mean it. If it happens , and I will find out, I will post the date/time and the name of the vulture.Hand To God.

ok .nothing spectacular... got a call from one of our citrus guys a driver dropped the trailer tandems in the canal going over a crossover in Indian River West. Carl my regular Tator driver was off today, so, instead of me going 20 miles south to the truck I had Andy, our 25 ton Operator, grab the Tator and meet me in the Grove. I loaded up Hump and Lump, and off we went ....15 miles west of town.this is what we found










its loaded with 11 box bins, all empty so no real weight. Could be done easily with the 25 ton, but, I wanted Andy to have some swing time so he is more familiar with the Tator, so when we get a loaded one , he has a grip.






Hump and Lump( my sons).rigging the rear .they want to start a new company called " Will Rig for McRib" .....go figure




level it out




Swing it to the middle of the road




Giving the driver as much room as we can





no gators.but after the sun goes down ???

no gators.but after the sun goes down ???


Garry Sienk said:

Hey, thanks for the warm up. Boy, just a little more speed or another 2 foot to the right, would have been a lot more fun.



Jan easy work with all the help. where can i get a couple helpers i am tired.


martin ganley said:

so i`m not the only one with a vulture problem,out here there not on the net they are jalous of the 4 years exclusivity contract we have with the transport ministry


In Memory of Brotherandson who said:

....They are a big help.15 and 16.... both Certified by Dave Lambert ( light/medium) and Wes Wilburn( Heavy/Ultra Heavy) .and they work for McRibs!!!!


Brett Holcome said:

OK here I go, its taken a while to get this old school guy to come out of his shell on posting his work. this business that were in means alot to Jan & his Family. so being the protector he is he decided to do his jobs ,service his customers & take it all home at the end of the day..I have spoken to Jan numerous times on this issue but he is a humble guy, so a little of this post & the ones to come maybe my asking of him to show his work . for the few that might want to know, this job was done for River Gold Citrus one of his best accounts. I may catch a whole bunch of sxxx for this one but HEY ..I got your back !!i feel that this Forum should be for the Education of those whom would like to learn or just enjoy the work of another . so with that I will say ;great pics ,thanks for sharing & another great job by Tropic Towing!!!


FMS Mike said:

Nice Tator! That's Lone Star's Old Truck right?


In Memory of Brotherandson who said:

Yup sure is..


rotator60 said:

Very nice work..Custom ordered Rotator Recovery..I too was victimized by someone on this board that copied and printed a couple months of my posts..I just happened to be busy then..and distributed copies to my customers involved..I did receive some flak..not from the pics..but from my commentary..So I learned..DO NOT say anything derogatory about a brand of truck..their drivers..or their company as a whole..it can come back to bite you big time..Post the pics..tell how you recovered it..and leave it at that..and you should have no problems..Thanks for sharing..


John Fenshaw said:

nice job and great thinking giving your other operator some swing time. i give you guys credit over on the east coast and furthur soth then me that is too many people cutting prices i tried the east coast but had to go back to polk county lol i actually was hired by richard kauff and was going to be put into a rotator then a friend of mine told me there was a guy with two tators and was going to pay top dollar to us so stupid me went and i regreted it for a long time. after all the b/s he sold us on and after seeing the rates he wanted to charge i told myself there was no way he could afford to pay us what he told he would. i believe the south east of florida needs to unite and go foward and stick together on pricing instead of stabbing at each other. i do believe if i would have stayed at kauffs i would have made it there for a long time.



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