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Just a Question!

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Topic Originally Created by njChuck on Tow411 in October of 2012:


Got a question, about 3 times in the last year, "JOE CUSTOMER" has called and said go to  " ABC TOWING"  and pick up car, truck, whatever, sure no problem! So when I get to "ABC TOWING" I say I'm here to pick up car, truck, whatever, and  DISPATCHER/ OFFICE person says to me, I need your License & Registration. Now in 20 +  years I have never asked ANOTHER TOW DRIVER  that has come to my yard to pick up a vehicle for this info, SO WHY now, especially in this DAY & AGE of identity theft should we be giving out this info, or do some municipalities actually require this info to be given. Also this wasn't just in large cities , but in smaller township municipality's.


Certifiedautomall NJ said:

Well if its a tow company i know then ill just have the driver sign and write the name of the company taking it. If im taking a check from a tow company from out of the area that i dont know i take the drivers DL. But if its a local guy i dont take anything.


njChuck said:

Yea Mike I could see if maybe I was giving them a Check from my company, but in these cases the customer had already paid with a credit card, or I would have a check or cash in my hand from the company that I was picking up for.


BlackAutoload said:

I always call ahead before going to ANY towers location to get the low down.
As i see it, you are screwing them out of their secondary tow.
Agree / dis-agree
Some make it easy to access and some a pita.


HEFFY004 said:

Chuck...if the invoice was already paid by the customer, a copy of your driver's license & signature is proof positive of who picked up a vehicle. Even in small communities, scams are tried by owners of towed vehicles. Especially with heavy duty trucks or trailers....we damn sure better have our I's dotted & t's crossed with who we released something to. All paperwork is secured in a "limited access office" daily, including all checks, credit card receits, etc.

I don't care who comes into pick up anything...I just want / need documentation to cover my a$$ when any $hit might go down.

HEFFY ... in da boon-docks of west Jersey.


njChuck said:

Thanks Ed, antoher point taken, like I said the security of my info is the biggest concern.


miracle1 said:

Seems petty.....When a RO comes in and pays the bill they sign the invoice and in the comment section it's written who to release the vehicle to and When that wrecker company shows they are met with no resistance only a helping hand if need be.....I treat them just as I want to be treated when I go to their yard....

As far as being screwed out of a 2nd tow? I really don't see it like that, If a person has a preference I have no issue with such....There's really enough to go around! JMT



anaron said:

Be glad you are not in Texas!
If you came to my yard to pickup up Joe Blow's vehicle I would need the following to release it to you:
1. VSF 011 form "Removal and/or Inspection of a Motor Vehicle at a VSF" which must be signed by the vehicle owner and notarized authorizing you to pickup the vehicle.
2. Your valid driver license
3. Your valid tow operator license
4. Your state assigned tow truck registration number
5. Your tow truck license plate number

If the vehicle owner was present for the release from my yard, I would still need everything but #1.
Ron Burnes


Brian991219 said:

New Mexico is just like Texas, we need to take a photocopy of your id and a notarized release letter if the company didn't come in to sign the release. Even if the customer signed the release we are still required to take a copy of the dl. I agree with the op point, I hate giving out a copy of my license, you never know who is copying it and how secure they keep it. I especially hated this when I was hauling salvage and would give my dl out several times a day.


In Memory of NationalAutow who said:

We require copy of wrecker operator permit since our fair city has decided to require permits. If you do not have a permit, copy of insurance and DL. Most tow drivers would rather have us copy permit as there is much less personal info yet LE can easily trace them if necessary.

In our city, possession of a valid permit is considered "prima facia" evidence of proper insurance etc.

To Mr. McGovern: I apologize for the use of legal terminology without a law license.


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