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2003 international MAO light bars/ worker lights not working

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 A few days ago double a double tow I realized that my strobes and worker lights weren't working.  The work lights on the bed don't work (2 of them) but the small ones by the wheel lift are. And then my main strob isn't working.  I tried chasing wires and I feel I have a short somewhere but don't know exactly where to look/start/  Help. 



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 I'm not sure on your truck there, but we have Miller units, and those have 3 different junction boxes where all the wires run into for the lights. The one is on the truck frame right behind the cab, the next one is mounted right next to the pivot pin for the bd at the back of the truck, and then there is one mounted underneath the bed close to the headboard. When we have lighting problems, I usually take the boxes off and then use a test light and test at all those boxes, so you can rule certain sections out at a time. I'm not sure if your bed would have those or not? My guess there might be a wire that is rubbed through or something. Hope this helps!

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I agree with DerlynZ, Start at your junction boxes and work your way back. But from your description, my educated guess is you have a couple broken wires / pinches in the deck slide harness which depending on where on the deck slide, can be a real pain in the A$$ to get at. 

Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

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