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Wheel lift maintenance

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I need some quick advice. My wheel lift pivot pin has a large lock nut on the top side. There's a grease fitting in the center. There's some slop in that joint. There's only about 100 hours on the wheel lift so I don't think it's worn-out. I have greased it religiously since new but never touched the nut.  I need to know how tight to torque it. I can call Kilar but I need to adjust this before using it in the morning. Thanks. 

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Personally, I would tighten it untill the crossbar moves smoothly with some slight resistance with me leaning my body weight against it. I have never dealt with the adjustable ones, but ones I have re-bushed and /or done welding repairs in the throat / plate, that is how I have always tried to get them. 

Not to bash you or your truck in any way sir, but It may very well be worn out already being a Kilar..


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but It may very well be worn out already being a Kilar..

I have never ran a kilar or have any experience with one but in the last couple years I have been seeing a lot of them in use, I have several different rollbacks come to my impound weekly picking up for copart and every time I see a new person with a kilar I ask them about it, I have had several tell me that they have ran Miller and Jerdan the whole time until they got the kilar and would continue to use kilar inbthe future that they love them. Again I'm not affiliated with kilar I have no experience with them. Just saying what's been said to me.

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