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1962 Holmes 750 Winch Brake

Orcas Tow

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I have had my drivers side winch brake release slowly when heavily loaded on a 1962 Holmes 750.


I have replaced the preload springs & adjusted properly, still slips. I recently bought new brake drums,

brake bands, springs & am going to install them soon. Any tips for installing or adjusting above & beyond

whats in the manual?



Any other issues to address while I'm there? Thanks

Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island

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I recall my fathers 750 having the same issue back in the day. Turned out being the drum was "warped" ( for lack of a better term ). basically it was worn down and mildly grooved causing the shoes to not make full contact with it. It was hard to see really with the eye but once compared to the new one you could see a vast difference. At first he had just installed new shoes which actually made it worse because they were not worn into the grooves and warped areas on the drum like the old shoes thus causing less surface contact with one another. My guess would be with the new shoes, drum and all adjusted up, you will be all set.

Gorgeous rig btw. 


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