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Cable Swager tool


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Has anyone used a cable swager tool?  I found this on E rigging's website.  Tyler Tool 36" Hand Swager.  According to the specs I read, the aluminum swages have a 90% capacity rating.


I have a couple of cables that had gotten crushed on my drum but I have enough to make up some shorter cables that I can use.  I would rather use a swag over regular cable clamps.


Any thoughts??






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I am no way a pro when it comes to line swedging, But a buddy of mine has used a hand swedger in the past on his log skidder winch with positive results. I feel that The key to his success was he took the time to "spread" the strands apart and weave the terminated end strands into the line at the point of swedge. 

I dont recall the name brand of his tool though. I will have to ask him when I see him next.


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I talked to the tech guy.  On a 3/8 steel core cable, these terminations are rated at 90% of the breaking strength of the cable.  If you have larger cable, you need to use a hydraulic swager to get enough strength on the termination.  Not good on fiber core cable

There is also a guage tool that you put the termination in to determine if you got a proper swage on the cable

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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