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Jamie Davis:How I Started In The Towing Industry


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Tow its the job i chose, but it became the life style i come to love,32 years as an operator and there is not a job any where that i know ofthat I'd rather do ever. And what got me started is i really dislike anything routine, and there is nothing routine about towing, and if my legs had not quit on me id still be out there doing what i come to love towing & serving the community. Carry tow brothers RLWillesen, aka the legalizedhooker, SLC,UT.

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What an excellent grounding  Jamie has...he has come through the hard way .....


I had the absolute honour to spend some time prior to  and  sit beside him  at the International  Towing Museum  Hall of Fame  class of 2019 induction ceremony  in Chattanooga....it was an amazing experience...


I dont know who was more nervous about the proceedings  him or I....


A very genuine and down to earth guy and a wonderful family ...


Keep safe and Good luck in the future Dude ....


John     333.



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John, it is quite a blessing to have made such memories and be apart if one the excellent class of inductees. All Hall of Fame Classes are special, this one just seemed a little more special. I knew more about every individual on stage then I have other classes. I guess that is saying I am getting old.


Jamie Davis is just as relatable as every other tower. I like that, and for the most part those in the industry that have appeared in these shows have not lost who they are and where they came from. Jamie is very approachable and takes the time to listen to as many voices as he can. After all the shows will eventually conclude and life goes on. I know the both of you will meet again once we are past this pandemic. Until then take care of yourselves. See ya in 2021... May the TowForce be with you.

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