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ESPN Reports: FBI Has Concluded No Hate Crime!

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FBI says Bubba Wallace not a target of a hate crime, noose found was in garage last year.


The FBI said Tuesday a noose found in the team garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace at the Talladega Superspeedway has been there since October of last year and he, therefore, is not a victim of a hate crime. NASCAR, mentioning the FBI report, described the item as a "garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose."


First Bubba Wallace was assigned this Garage last week and the rope was already there in fact it had been there since at least last October long before anyone knew Bubba Wallace would be in that garage. The FBI did a swift job, but what are the odds that the person with NASCAR that assigned that particular garage knew about this in advance. There's a conspiracy theory I am not even going to dive into. Now, let's get this straight Bubba Wallace full name is Darrell Wallace Jr., that's right his father is Darrell Wallace Sr. and he is Bi Racial something that ever NASCAR Driver knows. Yet this narrative that Bubba is Black is like Obama was Black. Someone explain how you choose who you are by your skin color. This isn't a Race Thing and NASCAR should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating this farce. They knew this as early as Saturday but chose to sit on it till today. Is anyone mad about that, of course not they're just all glad it wasn't any of them and why didn't someone speak up sooner, someone who used that garage prior to Bubbas team had to have known. Oh, but wait what if they did tell NASCAR and NASCAR choose to give that information to the FBI and continue the narrative through Sundays Race. Yet another possible twist. NASCAR are you bailing water or treading it. There will always be True Fans, but the stock value may have hit a low. Just My Thoughts... I don't like being played....



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NasCRAP has been on a down hill slide for years.. They ruined the sport, turned it into a total circus  of low talent clowns driving the same exact cars. it feels and looks alot like WWE wrestling where the outcome is always decided in the board room long before the show starts.. Nobody watches their crappy races anymore. And now they are trying to use any and everything they can find to drum up a buzz and get people taking about them. This whole racisim thing is going on now so they will exploit their one and only bi-racial driver and use that however they see fit to make a buck. Must be a democrat/socialist run business.. Nascar is a dead horse they just cant stop from beating. Let the sport die with a little bit of dignity and the memories of the real racing that happened many years ago.


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