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  1. I Love the Budget "Motto" on the side of the truck but for this photo it should read,"Make The better Move To A New Tow Company". That's just my opinion.
  2. Don,t you just "LOVE" those little "snowflakes" they are All tough with a jumping around on the roofs and smashing the glass of others peoples property but watch them CRY like little B!tch&$ if Dave took each of their IPhones and cracked the screens. Chain'em up like they did with the old chain gang prisoners to pick garbage on the side of the highway and let them worry about "Slow Down and Move Over laws while they are picking trash.
  3. If he orders his roll of Flex tape in the next "30" seconds I'll throw in a "wheelie Bar" for his wheel lift ABSOLUTELY FREE just pay an additional shipping fee, R&D fee, a "you have to be SH$@%#^G Me fee and a "Stupidity Fee will be charged separately. LMMFAO
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