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    You need to youtube C.L. Chase towing Wisconsin
  3. Ed, It is said these units are the hot sellers now, with the stiff legs installed. I've been on the fence a bit with the standard wrecker/chevron and auto grip/standard pivot L arms. Is it possible at some point to take a picture with one of these bigger trucks on the hook more from the side...I'm curious after they fold down and your hooked to the tailboard distance vs. standard wrecker and stinger extension. I couldn't imagine it being much difference but sometimes 5-6 inches makes a difference. Are the auto grips 4 or 6,000 lbs? Thanks
  4. Yep, did a Cesena couple years ago, unfortunately the pilot did not make it and we never did hear what failed or why. When we got the call (we are rural and the only ones to handle this situation in our area) the "investigator guy" wanted a quote said they usually get something like this done for 250.00 sometimes less. This unit wasn't far from a hanger it was in a field bordering the airport, it was a Cesena so it was small and light we used a 4x4 f-550 and our freightliner rollback. When my dad told me what they were "offering" I advised him to call them back and let them know we were not interested in the job, someone might be but it wasn't us. Hour or so later I'm assuming the call around circled right back to us, where it was quoted by the hour per piece of equipment and extra labor with a minimum. Did the job with no problems they were satisfied and actually had a credit card to pay when we finished. As mentioned with air it's different than automobiles make sure you have your ducks in a very straight row and everyone is on the same page, doesn't do any good to bust your butts for free because it's something cool or out of the ordinary....
  5. Zack lift 5th wheelers weigh nothing honestly I'd go 280 on a single axle with set back front and a little counter weight up front on a 23000 rear with heavy air bags. Small tunnel box behind sleeper if you needed and full fenders with some light weight fabbed sides just there for looks, or not, 315 rubber for extra tire rating to carry the weight. Before everyone gets excited if it's built lightweight that single axle won't be overloaded any more as if it were a tandem on a full size wrecker. My objective Good turning radius and maneuverability in a city but still able to pick heavy stuff efficiently. A single axle is still your best towing truck due to fulcrum/piviot point. We have a guy around our area tows everything with a single axle he has 2 of them a short one and long one. He picks packers and pumps loaded quad axle milk trucks regularly with no issues. He doesn't run a zack but some custom Trebron units which would probably be a little heavier but the bodies are built like the old bro units...the lift is as close to the rear axle as you can get it and the tailboard represents the wheel well the sides are for looks and the bed portion is mostly like wire mesch (stuff you put on trailer ramps for traction) they are tow trucks only. Just a thought if your building a "tow truck" only
  6. I don't recall which wrecker you had mounted to your chassis. But, I can tell you that whoever estimated a 550 4x4 at 10,000 lbs your about 5,000+- light. My 2001 550 century 602 aluminum body/tunnel toolbox is right at 15.000 lbs and that's on the original 17500 gvw before they went to the 19500. I recall the days of the 350's 11000 gvw in ford weighed around the 10/10500 mark empty with a wrecker and a 460, it was mentioned the weight is behind the axle not on top like a camper or trailer so we are loosing before we get going!! The part about your extra leaf or overload just touching the bumpers is in all actuality where you want it. So, as soon as you're loading they are working. Unfortunately, it's a single leaf and really doesn't do much. I believe due to the arch I'm not sure you can double or triple it up. In my opinion if it were me I would look at the 3 options. 1) (I did this with my 550) I put air bags in 5000lb kit if I recall had them 10 years now +- but I put a leveling valve on my rear axle and preset it to where I wanted- weight goes on valve opens auxiliary compressor and tank I mounted in the toolbox kicks in pumps it up to height again just like a big truck, unload and valve dumps air from bags like a big truck- "air lift" was the brand and it was a complete kit with relays/solenoids wire kit and tubing. I didn't want to mess with the pump the bags up at the shop every 3 days because they will always leak and it's when they are empty or low is when you need the capacity, wasn't cheap but worth the money I think. Option 2) Is a product I installed on my 5500 Ram rollback it's called a sumo spring it is a similar design to a timbren but made by Super Spring it mounts right above or where the factory bump stops are located and they just rest on the rear axle or slightly above, I have mounted these on several "work trucks" they have different ratings but all I'm seeing for the 550 in your year is one rating part#SSR-120-54 (2800 lbs rating) not only do they take some load but the stability added to my rollback was tremendous they are available for the front axle also if you decide to counter weight. Option 3) again is another product by Super Springs (6600lb rating) part# SSA-26 it is simply an additional 2 leaf kit mounts in conjunction with your overload and you can pre-load it to suit your needs basically we always put enough tension on them to stay put when unloaded to maintain a decent ride height and so your riding on the factory pack but they pick up weight load as soon as you lift. Basically it makes your empty ride as it is and not a lumber wagon but gives capacity as soon as you add the weight. If it were me not knowing what you do mostly I'd go with the add on leafs to carry the weight and the sumo spring (timbren style) to help with stability I really think you will like the results. 6600lbs is the highest rating they have on leafs a couple less ratings are available. But, I wouldn't think they would apply to us in the towing world. www.supersprings.com Warranty on commercial use is 3 years on your weekend boat puller it's lifetime. Install time... you can pull it in your shop and have it back on the road in a couple hours vs. a day to disassemble spring packs add leafs and end up with a lumber wagon. I'm not trying to be bias to there product or dis respect your spring guy (I added 7 leafs per side on my f350 when I built it) but for the expense and quick turn around to install you can't go wrong. We use them on our equipment with no issues I have a pair on my Ram 2500 because I carry a plow on it, as mentioned I have both on my rollback I had the sumo style before the extra leafs and the stability they added was crazy. Let us know how you made out or anyone else who try's the product.
  7. I like the idea up until I need to load a shed or container, I'm thinking for my application it would work better if it were on the side of the body on a pull ring or something of the sorts. I like the idea it makes sense and is simple
  8. Niiiice. Something to keep in mind for everyone not that you were probably pulling really hard given your piviot point or anything but that is still a single line pull the block offered a direction change is all. Nice job sometimes the simplest approach is the easiest.
  9. Been looking at purchaseing a couple 2-3 high pressure air bags with the intensions of using truck supplied air to operate them. Been doing the ol google search checking options. I'm not being a brand specific nor do I know what works better or not so good hopefully some can chime in. Checking Zips they have the Miller version which as I understand is Matjack, the kit is 22 ton at and 32 ton 20x20 the 32 21x25 with regulators hose etc. BA has an assortment of bags pending what you want. Then you move on to the higher pressure 145 psi which will be an issue with a truck that kicks out around 125+- but offer little more tonnage in the same size. I've also found a "flat form" which appears is made by SAVA Tech and there design is a more flat bag when it raises...contacts more surface area through out the lift, instead of a bubble as it raises but is limited to 6.7 inches regardless of bag dimensions but can be stacked 3 high vs 2 high. So questions I would have based on the vast majority of calls they would be used to try and get straps, chains, cribbing to support or rig for a load, as we use them I'm sure we will find more uses but that is the initial use. Should a guy purchase a larger dimensional or smaller for any particular reason? Go rectangular or stay square? Any and all information would be great from those that know, I'm just trying to learn Thanks
  10. Spring forks still around? Does the flat portion pivot? Appears it does I can't quite tell in the pictures
  11. 75% of engine speed is what you want the pto. Like mentioned pto chain doesn't make a difference you can change the linkage up by the gear box so you can operate the handles either way you want, on the little wreckers they were usually forward was in backward was out but on the bigger units they went the other way since it's easier to pull and lean on the handles when winching for a long time. My 480 is set up like the big trucks I like it better but that is preference.
  12. I talked with my driveline guy at freightliner who made a call to the big guys that supposedly know all, according to what they told him pulling the shaft is fine on these as they default to full oil. In order for it to switch to the conservative side oil flow there are certain parameters the computer needs to see ie. speed sensor input, oil temperature, etc etc. standard tow shouldn't be a problem, however the days of letting them idle for a short tow are no longer
  13. Bouncing over from tow 411 getting used to the new changes looking good
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