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  1. Been looking at purchaseing a couple 2-3 high pressure air bags with the intensions of using truck supplied air to operate them. Been doing the ol google search checking options. I'm not being a brand specific nor do I know what works better or not so good hopefully some can chime in. Checking Zips they have the Miller version which as I understand is Matjack, the kit is 22 ton at and 32 ton 20x20 the 32 21x25 with regulators hose etc. BA has an assortment of bags pending what you want. Then you move on to the higher pressure 145 psi which will be an issue with a truck that kicks out around 125+- but offer little more tonnage in the same size. I've also found a "flat form" which appears is made by SAVA Tech and there design is a more flat bag when it raises...contacts more surface area through out the lift, instead of a bubble as it raises but is limited to 6.7 inches regardless of bag dimensions but can be stacked 3 high vs 2 high. So questions I would have based on the vast majority of calls they would be used to try and get straps, chains, cribbing to support or rig for a load, as we use them I'm sure we will find more uses but that is the initial use. Should a guy purchase a larger dimensional or smaller for any particular reason? Go rectangular or stay square? Any and all information would be great from those that know, I'm just trying to learn Thanks
  2. Spring forks still around? Does the flat portion pivot? Appears it does I can't quite tell in the pictures
  3. Reds

    holmes 480 info

    75% of engine speed is what you want the pto. Like mentioned pto chain doesn't make a difference you can change the linkage up by the gear box so you can operate the handles either way you want, on the little wreckers they were usually forward was in backward was out but on the bigger units they went the other way since it's easier to pull and lean on the handles when winching for a long time. My 480 is set up like the big trucks I like it better but that is preference.
  4. I talked with my driveline guy at freightliner who made a call to the big guys that supposedly know all, according to what they told him pulling the shaft is fine on these as they default to full oil. In order for it to switch to the conservative side oil flow there are certain parameters the computer needs to see ie. speed sensor input, oil temperature, etc etc. standard tow shouldn't be a problem, however the days of letting them idle for a short tow are no longer
  5. Bouncing over from tow 411 getting used to the new changes looking good