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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in September of 2006: I picked up this 58 chevy panel out of a pasture in rural Caldwell, KS.. The new owner isn't sure what to do with it because it has so much rust, but he wanted to save it from the crusher..... jason strickland www.stricklandroadservice.com Underdog said: I love those old panel trucks, nice job. Stay safe, Rich. Underdog Truck Service Ed Barker said: I bet that year of panel is pretty rare. TowZone said: Makes for a cool Rat Rod, that reminds me I want a Rat Rod Recker some day. Let a nice one get away last year, cause I did not think the guy was serious when he wrote in white chalk "For Sale" on it.
  2. Tow411 Post from 2007: Maxx is powered by a bored over 360 with a racing cam, 4 spd manual tranny, dana 70 1-ton axles, and 44" tall x 19.5" wide 15" Mud Bogger TSL tires. we fabricated and built the front push bumper/winch mount, hand rails, side step rails, 12"suspension lift, 2" body lift, and installed the 6" chrome stacks, model 11L Tulsa winch, 9000lb ramsey front winch, and flame ingniters and fuel injection system (for the flames) all in our shop. we also upgraded maxx by taking off the 70's cab and front clip and installing one from an 85 model. this was after an upgrade from 235/85R16's to 285/75R16's my dad errr i mean santa, my wife and me see the scratch, a BLIND truck driver hit it in our parking lot with his trailer my sister and maxx, being in the mud has taken its toll on the paint on the lower of the door under the hood for more pics our websites are maxx at kansasbadlands.com maxx on stricklandroadservice.com Nosubtow said: that is a sweet looking truck, steve CFD 204 said: Me like. This gets me thinking. I know where some old "parts" are. Boy just what I need another project. Looks like a lot of fun building and "working" with it. Timco said: Very, very nice. I am kinda partial to a Dodge off-road truck, & yours looks very good. It really means something when you build it yourself. autoexpresstow69 said: truck...what truck? i didnt see no truck.........saw a cutie holding something.but i aint seen no truck........ FredsTowingnj said: Yes very nice truck and your sister wow she is cute. kstowman said: yep, that happens to be on the other end of the state from us, but we support them none the less.....sorry guys my sister is pretty much taken, as is my wife....we do take pride in building a lot of our equipment, really the only thing that we haven't shop built are our rollbacks, we usually buy them brand new and ready to roll. right now we have several pieces severely in need of some fresh paint, it is just hard to shut them down long enough to get it done..... jason strickland www.stricklandroadservice.com GAYLOCK1 said: Very cool play toy...............Paul In 2014 this truck was featured in American Towman. Here is a Link to the Article Madd Maxx the Mad Mudder
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