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  1. Finally got the rear fenders on the W35 service body this past weekend. Tire size is so large, I need to slightly modify the wheel well opening some.
  2. I'll have to check mine
  3. I could use a couple of parts from it, if not already broken, or cracked ? Both o mine are cracked.
  4. This Wrecker was purchased new by Boyett Chevrolet Inc., of Corcoran, California. It was sold in the late 70s to, Norris and Son Auto Repair, and Towing, of Hanford, California. Norris owned it until the early 2000s. A Wrecker Service in Tulare purchased it from them, with the intentions of restoring it. I purchased it from them about 5 years ago, and had it hauled here to North Carolina.
  5. I've been putting this GMC COE, Holmes Heavy Duty model W35 together for a few years. I've made a lot of progress lately. Just need to install the rear fenders, on the service body, and we'll be ready for this Summer's Cruise Ins.
  6. Thanks, It's a 1952 GMC 470 series, 3 1/2 ton COE, with a long wheelbase Holmes Heavy Duty model W35 Wrecker. I got this one from out on the West Coast.
  7. That Holmes Tow Cradle, wouldn't be able to handle that truck tractor, and surely not the tractor , and trailer both.
  8. One of my all time favorite Vintage pictures. "New Design" GMC COE, with a Ernest Holmes medium duty, model 515, Traffic King Wrecker unit.
  9. Found these on Ebay... Before After
  10. Offered For Sale: Vintage Weld-Built Wrecker Brochure. Very good condition. No tears, stains, or wrinkles. 14 pages of Wreckers , ranging from 3 to 25 tons. $25
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