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  1. Thanks again to Mr. Castro and his family. #GenerationXTowing is now on the third #DetroitWrecker product in the last 4 years. Thank you for the trust in our products and the team that brings them to life. We are truly grateful for your business and we look forward to doing more. #DWDevastator Devastator for Generation X Towing of NJ Build Gallery CLICK HERE
  2. - Control Handles = 1/2 Aluminum* - Control Rods = Stainless Steel* - Control Tray = Stainless Steel* - Control Hood = Stainless Steel* -Control Handle Pivot Rod = Stainless Steel
  3. Thanks! We took notice to the statement of that very concern. Thank you! We made a 2.0 already. Changed the cam lock handle to a puck that slides back. Then we plan on welding a square stock key way that will run the length of the bed so you can in fact slide a container down the bed. Stay Tuned!!
  4. The new conversion will have an optional feature of having our inner tube w/ steel wear pad strips. Upgrades the unit by reinforcing the tube and eliminates the need of plastic wear pads. Now you will have a tight fitting inner tube to the outer tube. Now you will have an adjustable pivot pin that can tighten over time. (Lifetime Warranty w/ proper maintenance)
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