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What would you do "safety discussion 7"


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23 Oct 2014 17:57

Safety Discussion 7 Image (this is the only image and I attempted to lighten it, as well as increase the size).
BigWheelRecovery said:
Holy crap! There is definataly a management problem in that company, that is way over GVW an surely not going to stop or corner. God help anyone in front of them on the road. BOB
Borotow said:
 Yet another person either being stupid, trying to save someone money, or just having the I can do anything mentality. Dangerous at best.  Drive through a couple towns in our area loaded like that and you can bet it would be a one way trip, and a huge tow bill.
Al Campbell
Boro Collision & Towing
WreckMaster 67A
Towdriver said:
Holy those things are heavy. Looks like a job for a landol or float. Also looks kind of tall and can't lower the tires any as they are already flat on the bottom. Those things are best to just flat tow it no access to a float.
Just My Opion Not The Boss'
24 Hour Towing & Recovery
hookrite said:
Are the tires up on the bed rails?...........
carl4tow said:
I drove one of those way back when for a living they are heavy chain drive best to landoll or lowboy.
towmanjc said:
It look`s like it`s on the rails..
roadside rescue said:
No he said it's OK cause there was no water in the water tank. And being on the rails like that help balance the truck when it goes around corners.  Seriously what is the mentality behind this Steering Wheel Holder.
When Training Really Matters 
Melville said:
Just because you can load it doesn't mean you should.
lantz70 said:
would pass on that one.
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