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Problem with a lodar wireless remote

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KirbysTowing asked the question in January of 2012:

My rollback has a Lodar wireless remote for the bed and side- puller winches, It will work intermittently for about 2 seconds at a time. I have changed the batteries checked the connections etc. I am at a loss, and I use my side-puller all of the time, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.



eastendtow66 said:

We have the same sym on our rollbacks when your sil valves have bad coils the lodar will kick out the power so you wont burn out the power box.


Orcas Tow said:

Mine was doing a similar symptom, I noticed that the Lodar would pulse on/off, drop out rhythmically & was in time with my hazard lights flashing, found out the Towmate wireless tow light transmitter was on the same frequency as the Lodar. Towmate gave me a different frequency transmitter & all was well.


KirbysTowing said:

Now that I think of it, both occasions I have had my wireless transmitter for my tow mate lights in. I will try it without and see. Thanks!!



DMHansonWrecker said:

try reseting the code that fixed mine.

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