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Matt Bartlett speaks about the Slow Down/Move Over law in Indiana


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Tow truck company pushes for better understanding of Slow Down/Move Over law in Indiana



INDIANAPOLIS — Every year, people are killed while responding to help others during emergencies and some workers feel people aren't following the laws.


Being a tow truck driver is one of the most dangers jobs in America because data shows one tow truck driver is killed every six days.


"It's tough for kids nowadays to want to come and apply," Matthew Bartlett with Interstate Delaware & South Towing said. "Most 20-year-olds don't want to be out here doing what we do on the side of the road. Chances are if somebody gets struck out here, they're not going home that day."


He says some people don't always associate tow truck drivers with the slow down, move over law, which requires drivers to change lanes or slow down at least 10 mph when crews are on the shoulder of the road.


On Tuesday, RTV6 saw several drivers disregard tow trucks with lights on several times.


On Tuesday, RTV6 saw several drivers disregard tow trucks with lights on several times.


"When police officers and firefighters are killed, they are all over national news, regional news," Bartlett said. "And they should be. Towing operators, we are lucky if we get 10 seconds of news coverage."


If a driver is convicted of violating the law, drivers can be fined or have their license suspended if they cause damage to emergency equipment. If someone is convicted of violating the law and causing injury or death, they can be sentenced to time in prison.


Bartlett says he thinks it should be a criminal offense if someone is violating the law.


"Be aware of your surroundings, give people some more space, look ahead," Bartlett said. "It's all the basic stuff they teach you in driver's ed, but as a society we have weaned away from that."


Services like Hoosier Helper sponsored by State Farm can respond to assist stranded motorists, help with traffic control or medical assistance. If you need help from Hoosier Helper, you can call 855-INDOT-4-U or 855-463-6848.


RESOURCE LINK with video

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Thank You for everyone who took time to share the news piece, and took the time to watch it.


We all need to get the message out there and get the laws stiffened up, and do what we can. The amount of misinformation out there is crazy about the LODDs compared to off duty incidents. There was a lot more said in the interview and I had no opinions as to what was aired. But its something, and they said it was their top shared story this month beside the missile attack so that's something.


I frequently think of the owners, friends, coworkers, and families I know that have been through this tragedy and truly hope I never am. We need to get this on the National News level for it to make a big difference. TRAA and the Museum needs to work with our National Police and Fire Chiefs Associations to make that happen.


We need PSAs pushing this which I know they have plans to do. But, they need help from membership, and legislators to make it happen.

Everyone stay safe out there.

Now on a side note the camera actually adds 25lbs.

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Matt, Thank you for doing your part to raise awareness. If every state were to make sure this in your face style reporting continues. Just maybe we can prevent a tow operators death. I say that knowing that it is much more difficult to reach those that are killing us.

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