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Shovel and Broom Storage


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This was taken from a topic created in 2005 on Tow411


I have a 60" tool box under the roll back. I want to find a fixture that I can bolt to the top of the tool box that will hold my shovel and broom. Something that will be sturdy and steadfast yet easy to release the shovel and broom when I need them. ANY IDEAS FELLAS ????????????? Bruce


DrHook541 said:



You should be able to find these in any hardware store. Use two for each tool and they will stay in place without pivoting and still be easy to remove.

sigdrhook541.gifC'ya in the ditch.


moranmg said:

Bruce on my flatbeds i weld 4"long pipe to the crossmembars under the bed and slide the broom and shovel handles into it and hold it in place with a bunge so thay can't slide out


auto rescue said:

Instead of using the pipe I used plastic PCV pipe bolted to the bed crossmembers with muffler clamps.John R.


Spitz said:

Thats a good idea, no rust! Did you paint the pipes at all so it didnt look so "hillbilly" or does noone really pay any attention? I was thinking about doing this now, how did you guys secure the broom or shovel in the tube when not in use.. I was thinking about welding a tab on the shovel head, and getting a broom that had a metal handle, so when you slide it in, you have a pin with a hair clip that you just drop in and secure and be on your way..


moranmg said:

Bruce the way i do mine you can't see the pipe or the broom but i do undercotted


Spitz said:

Would any of you mind posting a few pictures if you have the time please??


Clay said:

For your broom get a telescoping handle (paint section in the "Big" home improvement store) and a regular shovel will fit in the box. That way they stay clean and dry (have you used the broom that was out in the winter?).




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