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Topic Originally Created in July of 2006 by AWOOD:


Got this call from a contractor and said that he had a 140,000 lb. crane that was stuck in a driveway. Upon arrival we found this unit, luckily it was just surface stuck and not mired. The crane was able to help and it was a successful recovery. It was on a slight grade up-hill with a very slick mud surface.








danielswt said:

i think you were definitely rigged for a pull emoticon1224.gif great work



Scooby said:

looks like fun



GAYLOCK1 said:

good rigging ,excellent job!!!!!Paul



ibuytoys said:

Nice rigging!! Did you charge them by the Price Per Pound method $$$$$$$$$Hawaii's only NRC 9240SR Sliding Rotator with five winches
Nationally Certified Crane Operator- NCCCO #050820973
"The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer!"




Nice Rigging job. Two 3 part lines Sure insured safe W.L.L of your line. What were you hooked to his block tie offs or chokes, I can't see it in the pic?
You got it done and We hope you got paid for your labor.Will Cain
Chesapeake Service



hdtowman26 said:

Very nice job! Thanx for pics.



The Tow God said:

Thats like a 200 ton Grove, it should have all wheel steer and 8 wheel drive. Put that sucker in turtle gear and it should walk itself out. The Liebherr's have hooks on the frame below the bumper to hook to, makes it real nice. In California, they have to put the boom in a dolly to make weight. Looks like a fun job. It probably weigh more like 150,000. The 200 ton Liebherr I ran weighed that much without the dolly. Nice machines, but dont move the boom without the outriggers lol


Mr Waialae Chevron said:

There's a ton of muscle out there....like 150,000 worth!



ForgivenOne r55_1559570275.gif said:

Okay, I'm going to have to join the crowd and say "Good job." You showed me something new or a different way of doing something. Cool, keep these kinds of pics coming and next time show us your hook ups and how you connected the vehicle. I had to zoom the picture and couldn't tell. But I like what you did here, thanks


DW Carter r55_1559570275.gif said:

Nice work Allen. It's nice seeing a job done when the operator cares enough to take care of his equipment. Far better to over rig, than under rig. What's it going to hurt? Take a little longer?DW Carter WM92343




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