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All loaded up for the mainland run in the AM. Axles pulled, axle caps on, front axle chained up, tow bar set, safety chains on, air ran to tank, air ran to brake buddy, tow lights on. After thought that I could have pulled driveline, thoughts either way? One bugger about pulling shafts is that I have to pull caps once dropped @ repair facility...








Decided to use the tow bar, could have forked it but also but simple to set bar.




Feenstras r55_1559570275.gif said:

like pulling driveshafts. Less mess and quicker.




Orcas Tow r55_1559570275.gif said:

Next time I'm going for the driveshaft first, hindsight is 20/20:) Guess I was just trying to justify the $400 I had just spent on the axle cap set from AW.


redtoprecovery said:

Only reason I pull shafts is if it has a rear end problem or it some low clearance, sketchy thing to get to the driveshaft (mci buses)


CM1 Retired said:

When I towed at another school bus company, I would run the light cord in through the first window and out the last. Faster, easier and cleaner for me to do it that way, but then again I was towing our own equipment. What is policy/best practice when dealing with customer equipment?


BlackAutoload said:

To use a wireless bar. No cord to deal with.


rlc4523 said:

would have pulled drive line. see nothing wrong with using the Bar as that would keep the bus closer to you for weight anyways as for running the light cord for us it depends on the vehicle. a school bus like that absolutely through the first window and out the last.

Side note you stated that if you pulled the shaft you would have to pull caps at the mechanics shop? are you talking about axle shaft so you would have to pull your caps off to take them home or do you have to pull the axle caps at the shop if you pull a drive line??


we have several types of covers but always carry some plain cardboard in the truck so we can custom make covers on site just fold it 3 layers thick or so and punch holes. it will seal well enough and long enough for most tows that we do and then just throw them away.


Orcas Tow r55_1559570275.gif said:

I pulled axle shafts on this one & yes had to remove my covers at the repair facility, will most likely be pulling driveshaft next time:)


shelbart said:

have towed many of  them from the rear.  sometimes chain rear axle if it had air bags.


Silver Hawk r53_1559570274.gif said:

I use large flat washers under the nuts.  It keeps the cover from being damaged when tightened.


Chuckud r55_1559570275.gif said:

I prefer driveshaft removal personally, as far as caps go-I usually use duct tape to hold them to the u-joint.


Eds Towing r55_1559570275.gif said:

We make ours from sheets of Homosoak (?) board which is like a press board. It's cheap, & sort of soft so it swells & seals. We stack them up and bore a 5/8 hole saw down through them using a 8 & 10 hole gasket for a template. Beat them over the studs using the hammer head and run the nuts back on.




If it's a regular customer, ask them to save them for you. Our transit authority does for us. Otherwise I leave it on the truck. If your getting a premium for your service, the financial aspect is minimum. Also I tell the customer that I left them on so it didn't make a mess on their wheels which shows you care about their interests in the job.



Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island

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