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Early morning Call out


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Topic Created by CMG Can Do said:


We had a call to attend a double truck RTC in the early hours of this morning, The T&T was a straight forward suspend tow but the 18ton Truck was a little bit more









Once we had removed all the debris with the Knuckle Crane the Rotator was rigged to lift the casualty up over the barrier and spin it round in the air, lower it down where upon it could be suspend towed away.

















Once all loaded up we all went home, from start to finsh 2 hours to clear the road, well done Billy , Passy, Vince and Phill.


Unknown Member said:

just curious, how come you didn't use the second line on the tator? I would think that it would provide more stability and lifting strength, not that you had a problem. Just asking


Wessex1 said:

I bet your invoice doesn't show 2 hours start to finish..653.gif........ Or does it???? Glad to see you're still earning a fortune up in the north.


xcessiveforce52 said:

good job......as far as using just the one line, I would think it was so he could spin it and set it down directly behind him in one lane, just my opinion....



Good opinion Jorge, my opinion on that would be the same , the load will spin were you want it to not were the lines take it.


wstowing11 said:

I would think your opinion is pretty darn right Mike ! I was going to give the same opinion ..


newtotow said:

Was going to ask about the line as well thank for the answer did any one see that there is hard hat storage places at the rear of the truck


Nick Ovenden said:

There's more and more UK posts here every day!!

Keep flying the flag boys, looking good.

I did notice the helmet storage by the way!!


Byron Coleman said:

Job well done Nick. It seems nrc tators are the unit of choice in your area is it due to their performance or the exchange rate from Canada?


Leigh Bowden said:

Hey Mark your helmet looks smooth matey. why put the wagon down backwards? and why your use the hiab for?


CMG Can Do said:

LEE, the hiab was used to re arrange the body and side as its quicker that the NRC, the reason it was put down back wards was because it had 2 flat tyres so it needed a RST


Leigh Bowden said:

Oh Would that be the Hiab your trying sell me? What would you do if you didnt have a tator



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